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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Peru 2011 - Northwood College

As some of you are aware I'm away for a month in Peru working for World Challenge.  The group is an all girls group from Northwood College in NorthWest London and what a lovely group they are (I have to say that as their parents are reading this ;-)).  We are a team of 15 in total being 13 girls, 1 female staff member and me.  The plan is to give regular up dates as we progress through our month long stay.  I'm hoping the girls are going to contribute with a different author for every blog entry.

Well after all preparations and logistics we finally made it to Lima and Peru.  Our long flight via Charles de Gal Airport went without incident and most of the girls managed a little sleep. 

We arrived at the Hostal (Friends House) in Miraflores shortly before 1800.  The girls and myself falling asleep on our feet, but we dropped our bags and went out for food :).  There is quite a bit of choice here so its unlikely any of us will  go hungry for long.

Walking through the streets of Miraflores reminded me how different things are back in the UK and how difficult it will be for the girls to explain that.   So tune in soon for the next step along our way :-).....hope you enjoy

Cliff Lowther

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