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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Salkantay trek day 1

Well here I am lying in my tent at 4,300m having completed day one of the trek. The time is 2100.

We have just finished our evening meal, returned to our tents and there is not a sound coming from the girls tents, including Mrs Douglas’s.

The day has not gone without incident as you are about to read.

It all started first thing......well actually it started through the night with one of the girls having a bout of throwing up and diarrhoea due to a dodgy burger the evening before. This was exasperated when she (you will find out later who this person is) collapsed in the toilet when trying to get ready.....doubt immediately entered my head as to whether she would be able to go on the trek...the next thing I know she is up, ready and definitely not going to miss out on this wonderful experience.

The journey to the start of our trek took approximately 4 hours stopping in a small village for refreshments and use of a toilet....Following this stop we then began the off-road section along a very winding road with extreme drops until we reached the start where our mule’s and mule men were waiting.

Shortly after leaving on the trek (5 mins) we noticed that one of the girls was missing when along she came on our emergency Mules, suffering with chronic stomach cramps...later I find out she had not been to the toilet for 3 days hence the stomach cramps....probably helped along by the previous nights Indian curry. The girl who had been ill earlier also rode a mule for some of the day but was determined to walk the majority....a valiant effort!

The actual trek today wasn’t too bad ascending approximately 500m total. However, the views today of Salkantay mountain (we’re camped here at the foot of it) were breathtaking.

Food today has been excellent and worthy of a chicken with mash potatoes and veg for lunch and trout followed by hot strawberries and cream for dinner!!! Mmmmmmm yummy!

Our two guides Freddy and Rox have also been good today showing genuine concern for the girls and a sense of humour to boot!

Lets hope the girls are all ok tomorrow....more ascent followed by Inca flat (up and down)

Written by Me!
Like me new hat???  :-)

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