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Sunday, 31 July 2011


It’s been a while since I have done a blog so white water rafting was definitely the blog to write before I leave PERU!

As it is coming to the end of the trip it was really great to do something exhilarating as a group together for the last time as from here on all we have to do is pack and then we are on our way home (Ed. Yeah but that may take a few days) .

We were all ready with our swimsuits and flip flops to go at 8am, which was considered a lie in compared to the ridiculously early starts on trek may I add. After waiting for a while the coach arrived to pick us up along with our rafting guides and we enjoyed the break that an hour and a half drive to the river spot provided us as we all sang to songs we all knew or in Avneesh and I’s case a short nap as well.

When we arrived we got dressed into the most stupid looking outfit I definitely have ever worn, and I have worn some stupid looking stuff in my time, (Ed. Ye trekking clothes wern’t that bad ;-)) with a wetsuit, shorts, jacket AND life jacket... which was very compressing for a few of us if you catch my drift! Once the embarrassing photos were taken we had a short lesson on ’how to raft’ and were shafted into the water straight away.

Being adventurous, Anya and I decided we would sit in the front of the boat... still trying to decide whether that was a smart idea :P It soon became clear we both had issues with co-ordination and soon ended up in a heated argument about who was worse... IT WAS ANYA... my reasoning for this is that she couldn’t tell left from right where as I on the other hand could not hear the command of which side we were supposed to go but anyway we still are friends and to be honest it was pretty funny ;)

The water was the coldest thing EVER but rafting was soooooo fun with lots of incidents on our boat alone as ‘jamleft’ translated to ‘jump out of the boat to the left’ for Fuzz and Sameera and ‘jump to the front’ meant in the middle of a rapid we were all drenched to the tee in ice cold water as our rafting guide continued to add weight to the front so we got even more wet -_- I’m telling you now it was even colder than the outside pool in uxbridge and that’s cold! We did it three times, our bodies were NUMB! I realise how this sounds but it was the best thing ever and I really want to do it again :D (Ed. strange girl! ;-))

After rafting for 3 hours we reached the end and had lunch, which was really tasty by the way, and got dried and dressed ready to go back to the hostel. Yet again on the journey back everyone was singing and yes, Avneesh and I fell asleep again as well which came to the result of me getting sunburnt -_- typical this whole trip I don’t get burnt and on the last few days I do, oh well!

For dinner we went out to a nice cafe where the food was amazing and we all got pancakes for dessert! ;-) (Ed. yes I was very happy too but we must not forget that little voice on our shoulder ;-)) After dinner some of us went out but the majority of us, me included, went to bed excited for our lie in the next day.

So that was today pretty much and tomorrow is filled with packing and probably the excitement of going home!

See you all soon, only a few more days ;-)

Written by: Roisin

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