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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Climbing and video project with The Aim High Group and The Crammy Boys

We Met up with Cliff in the Belford Coop carpark where he introduced himself to the group, explained all about what was and was not acceptable with regards to health and safety issues and climbing. The youngsters understood this. Everyone was given the equipment they needed, even extra jackets were provided, as the weather was not too good to start with.

Up at the crag (Bowden Doors) the young people were eager to start climbing as they had not climbed outdoors on real rock before. First off, they had to do the warms up, which Cliff delivered in a fun way in which the young people wanted to participate. Once the young people started to climb, Cliff encouraged the entire group to have a go. However, in our group, we had one young person that felt they did not want to climb as they had done too much during the days before this trip, but with a little encouragement from both Cliff and other staff members (me n Maggie), they had a go and totally enjoyed it.

Part of this trip was a video project which the youngsters had organised themselves.  This was looking at taking risks but in a controlled way. Chris, the camera guy, helped everyone feel at ease in front of the camera and did individual interviews with everyone.

The banter between the group and Cliff was great as the young people felt relaxed around him.

Sue Barnard - Youth Worker Cramlington Youth Service

Over all the day was a great success and all involved in it had a great time.

Maggie preparing for battle

Hands up baby hands up

Cool Calm and collected!