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Friday, 24 June 2011

Rock Monkey's hit Bowden Doors - Northumberland

On Sunday the 19th June a group of Rock Monkeys from Sunderland Wall went on an adventurous day of outdoor climbing at Bowden Doors! The instructors for the day were Cliff and Richy.

When we arrived there was a very short walk to the crag and the weather was warm, the entire group was getting excited to climb. Richy set up the ropes while cliff got us warmed up by jogging along the bottom of the crag, although some of us were too busy looking at the amazing routes and rock and nearly fell....more than once, that would include  Carmel and me for starters!

When we got back from our warm-up everyone was out of breath but the ropes were up and ready to go....and so were we. We split up into groups I was in a group with Carmel and Bethany. We were joined by four Rock Monkeys who had never been outdoor climbing with Roxcool before they were Ellie, Archie, Rachel and Caitlin. There were four climbs set up at first – Main Wall (5b), Black and Tan S 4c, Flack Crack S 4b, and Deception Crack VD. They were amazing to climb they had positive holds but they weren’t too easy and they put our skills to the test. Later in the day when everyone had finished them they were took down and new ones were put up (poor Cliff and Richy worked hard that day (Ed, as we always do ;-)) but before we attempted them everyone had worked up an appetite so it was definitely time for lunch.  The climbs after lunch included; Scorpion VS 4c, Canada Crack HVS 5a, Russet Groove VD, First Leaning Groove HVS 5a and Second Leaning Groove VS 5a.

Later on in the day a few showers of rain came which made the sandstone routes slippery, which again put our skills to the test, but this didn’t stop us rock monkeys from climbing and having fun and it wasnt long before the good old Northumberland sandstone was dry.

All too soon it was time to start packing up the gear to go home. Everyone had an amazing time and didn’t want the day to end.

Well done to all the monkeys!!!!

And a BIG thanks to the Roxcool team for a fab adventurous day outdoors I can’t wait for the next day in August, bring it on  !!!!!!!!!!

Danielle Dennis (Rock Monkey )

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