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Saturday, 23 July 2011

The lake that wasn’t there

This morning began as it was meant to go on with a late start as we all got up late and so our preparation of sandwiches and getting ready was running behind time. My first task of the day was to get the group to the bus station to catch a bus to Pisac, which failed as we got lost (Ed. just miss placed Sameera ) but it was alright because we got there in the end :-) By the time we got to the start of our trek it was about 11am, and we were all fit and ready for our journey ahead.

Apparently we were supposed to be trekking uphill to find this ‘lake’ but it never ever appeared. (Ed. Duff local info is what I Blame lol hahahaha) Lunch today was the best so far during our treks as we were munching away at our sandwiches and crisps at an altitude of 4000m on the peak of this random mountain. After lunch we started trekking again to find this ‘lake’ again that Cliff was so sure would be on one of the other mountains but surprise surprise it wasn’t there so basically we got lost for the second time today. (Ed....Errh.......????? It was all about the training really!!! Lol, Actually because we couldn’t find this Lake we spent about 2 hours at an Altitude of 4,100m, excellent preparation for our main trek starting Monday!!!)

After Cliff finally realised that we would never find this lake we started trekking down, back to where we started from and when we got back to the start we were all relieved and stood there waiting for a bus, but when it came we were all in for a bumpy ride. We were all standing up on the ‘locals’ bus hanging on for dear life until we got back down to the town centre.

Once the trek was over we all went off in our own groups to walk around the plaza and I finalllyyyy got my oreo McFlurry (Ed. very sad Sameera!!! Where was mine????) which was AMAZING! Tomorrow we are in for yet another trek and another adventure. (Ed. Let’s hope we don’t get lost again ;-))

Quote of the day: “I’m a painter” Ria

By Sameera

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