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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

First day of project work

We started our day mixing paint which turned out more turquoise than green however it turned out to be a lovely colour when dried ....Not sure the Teachers from the school were so impressed!

Roisin rode to the bus stop on a motorbike (Ed. Helmet adorned folks ) which was pretty intense to buy more materials because we hadn’t bought enough and still had project budget to spend. We then started painting the outside of one of the school buildings but it all really kicked off when we had everything when Roisin returned. Some people did cutting-in so that we didn’t paint the windows, others painted the metal frames black although l don’t think that it should be classified as paint more like gloop and some of us used the rollers.

During the local kids lunch break we played a game of volleyball with them which was very funny because they were sooo much better than us. Although I must add that we did get better!!!

The people who were not painting organised a lesson plan for teaching the kids English. The lesson was great, the kids responded well and they were all smiling. They enjoyed the songs taught to them.

In the late afternoon we all set off for a 2 hour walk up and down a nearby hill to keep our fitness up after our colca canyon trek. As we got closer we realised there was quite a large river so we walked along the river in hope of it being shallower. Alas it did not get shallower and a local told us that there is no bridge. Instead we walked along the fields and the views were stunning with the sun setting. It’s lovely how the sky changes so quickly and we saw a Peruvian lady herding cows. The clouds!!! The clouds were beautiful. We all got some nice photos.

By Jessica

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