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Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Introduction to Cusco

Now we are on day

We had an early start as usual, with bread and jam for breakfast to catch our 6 hour bus journey to Cusco. Most of us caught up on our sleep during the journey but we had a stop where we all went to buy snacks seemingly as the bus did not provide lunch for us. Looking out the window we saw many mountains and valleys which were breathtaking sceneries. As soon as we arrived we took a private mini bus to the hostel and settled in. Obviously not having a big lunch we had a big budget to afford a grand dinner. So we split up the team, the food group went to the supermarket so we are supplied with enough food for the acclimatisation trek tomorrow. The rest of us looked for either other hostels or for restaurants for our grand dinner. We decided to stay in the same hostel and we found this lovely restaurant called Crown on the Plaza where the meat eaters were able to try the Alpaca and there were pizza, pasta and Thai food options for the vegetarians. Even better the portions were huge that all of us were so tired and full after eating. But when we did come back to the hostel we had to pack our day bags ready for the trek tomorrow as we have another early start. But the rooms are lovely so a good night sleep should do the trick.

Quote of the day: “I am a vegetarian but I eat hamburgers” ( Ed. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA)


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