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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Ultimatum of the Project

The last day of the project phase came so quickly, it was outstanding that we had done so much already, that all we had left to do was to finish some green paint at the top of one building, some red painting and some black paint on the windows.

The day started as usual with breakfast at 7:30 but no eggy bread today...sad. But we finished painting at 12:30, then had a scrambled omelette with vegetables for lunch which left the entire afternoon for us to interact with the school children, we introduced ourselves to them, taught them an English lesson and even played volleyball and football with them, obviously our weak skills were no match for theirs....but it was still fun. The best part of today was just looking at all the work we had done the past few days and seeing the buildings finished........a great sense of achievement. Then it came to the best meal we have had for ages, spaghetti with vegetables...yummy. We then as a group reviewed our entire project phase and discussed our strengths and weaknesses during the project which made us bond as a group more. Finally it is time to pack for tomorrow we will actually sleep in a nice comfy bed in a hostel after 5 nights in our sleeping bags....yeah!!!

Quote of the day from Lucy: “So these emails.....are they going to our actual parents???? “

Written by Sonal.

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