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Thursday, 21 July 2011

The most Amazing Surreal experience

Hello everybody its now day 16,

Today was the last day of the project and we were looking forward to a nice lie in when all of a sudden we were awoken to Mrs. Douglas knocking on the door. The room was soon filled with the school girls bearing traditional costume for some of us to wear. Lucy, Emilia, Jess, Asha, Sonal and Sameera were the lucky few. We descended to the grounds of the school where we were greeted to the sight of sheep and the whole of the school. All 15 of us sat down in allocated seats and watched in amazement and shock at the marriage of two sheep. We then were pulled by the children to participate in dancing and in some cases singing! This event was a great way to leave the school and its students and when the time came to depart there were a lot of hugs and tears on both sides and we were all surprised at how sad we were to leave them.
So we got the bus and headed back towards Puno where we arrived at a newer, nicer hostel. After a well anticipated meal and quick showers we headed to the Port where we indulged ourselves in the many market stalls. Everyone came back bearing many gifts for themselves and family and friends back home. We then set off back to the hostel where we left our presents and then made our way into the town for dinner.
We found a great place called 'Positive Rock n Reggae' which appeared to be a hot spot of the teens and travelers in Peru. The bar was set in a dim light, and when we arrived we were directed to the top where there were cushions for us to sit on and the walls were covered with UV paint, the ceiling was made up of different flags and the whole atmosphere was very unique and modern. As an additional bonus the semi finals of Peru V.S Uruguay was being played so everyone got into the spirit and we were saddened when Peru lost 2-0. It was our latest night in 6 days and everyone couldn't wait to get into a proper bed.
Quote of the day - 'They're on the ''Fanta'' :P’

Lots of Love Katya and Rhona ;) x

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