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Friday, 8 July 2011

Peru Day 3 - Luxury and Basics

This morning we hadue tod to wake up very early (5.15AM) in order to get on our bus to Paracas. After eating pizza for breakfast, we went to the bus station and got on our luxurious coach. we were all very excited as for the first time in the trip we got almost 5 star treatment, fleecy blankets, pillow, and full recliners. After a nice breakfast we watched a film "August Rush".However we never got to finish it ( hint hint parent please purchse before we come back!!)...Everyone was devistated!!! lol

On our arrival to our Hostel Zarcillo Connections we were greeted by our guide Louis. We were then lead to the Paracas National Reserve! We saw stunning views from all directions! We were astonished by the fact that there was a desert right next to the sea. Louis explained that the cold, dry air current from the antarctic meets the low pressure from the equator causing rain to fall before it reaches this area, hence making this a very dry arid area. We ate our lunch on one of the stunning clifftops over looking the ocean! with spectacular and unfamiliar views.

In the evening we decided to explore the town a  little. We decided to visit a little restaurant where we were met with live Peruvian music and jewellery selllers. After filling our bellies we walked back to the hostel for an early night! The rooms are the best so far almost 5*'s. We were happy to see a pristine clean bathroom, clean floors, TV, hot water (well some of us) and luxury bed covers. 

We have decided to have a 'quote of the day'...basically anyone will be quoted if they say anything which is funny or just down right bizzar....Todays Quote of the day from Anya 'Can anyone tell me how do you open a hard boiled egg??" LOL!!!!!


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