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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Peru day 2 - planning ahead

Today was a pretty jam packed day of planning ahead and booking bus rides for the upcoming days. Our in country agent, Maria, kindly met us at our hostel to give us important information regarding booking the vital bus rides that we'd be taking tomorrow. We were also able gather pointers on where to book hostels for the duration of our time in Peru.

After our admin filled morning, was followed by the team dividing up to administer various jobs. One job I was tasked with was picking up our pre-booked tickets from Cusco back to Lima ready for the last coupleof days of this trip. Having these jobs like booking our bus rides to Paracas and Arequipa definitely helped to increase our self confidence and independence.

One of the many perks of our jobs was carefully selecting and inspecting rooms at the top hotels for our last night before departing to the UK again. Making this incredibly difficult decision involved everyone's input at some stage, we all felt very complied to help here.

This evening we managed to find a Jazz and Latino Jazz Big Band concert to visit. Everyone was heavy anticipating the evening, however as nine o'clock was nearing, our eyes were gradually closing due to our eventful start to the trip.  Of course no one fell asleep during the concert ;-).

It seems the thing we are all most dreading is having to wake up at five in the morning to catch our bus to Paracas, wish us luck!

Avneesh :)

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