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Friday, 28 June 2013

World Challenge - Adventures in Marrakech

First things first, everyone is settling in well to the Moroccan culture and food. The weather is absolutely scorching!! We're still in Marrakech, and were about to set off to our campsite at noon. Our journey here was chaotically exciting, getting through immigration however was a complete nightmare. As soon as you stepped off the plane you're engulfed by the sweltering heat of Morocco. Next was the journey to our hotel,which was definitely an introduction to Marrakech, we passed motorbikes stuffed with people and horses and carriages and took plenty of photos to remember them. after settling into our hotel rooms, we decided to venture out across the market place to find something to eat,Cliff  found a traditional Moroccon restaurant where we  were able enjoy a view of the market square from above as we sat on  the roof/terrace of the restaurant whilst eating traditional Moroccan food and shooed away stray cats. it was really a different yet fun experience as the food took hours to arrive giving us time to try mint tea and bond as  group.

nights in Morocco are as equally  difficult to endure as it is during the day.  but after much tossing and turning we all managed to get a few hours sleep. breakfast was so good. the orange juice,coffee and tea were really refreshing and we tried the super tasty Moroccan honey and marmalade and bitter olives. we're feeling optimistic  for our journey ahead, even though were all missing our family and friends were having a great time and we can already tell that this will be a  life changing experience.

bye for now, as its unlikely that we'll have any internet to update the blog till wednesday. but the next time we do,we would have all have climbed a huge mountain, so wish us luck, until then, byee :)

Zaffia and Priya x