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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Full Strength Team

After a good, long sleep we all woke up refreshed and ready to continue work, especially whilst the children aren’t at the school for the weekend- that gave us some peace and quiet (Ed. yes the 0500hrs wake up calls haven’t been missed). After a few days of physical labour, many people were tired and we got off to a slow start. Most of the work had already been done so that was used as an excuse. However with only one day left of the project work, I can safely say that it will be finished in time, but maybe scrimping on the paint usage.

Everyone was given a task to complete and one important one was making sure that everyone was wearing sufficient sunscreen and the correct factor. Lucy therefore took it on herself to spray anyone who wasn’t frequently topping up every hour.

We started to run out of eggs due to everyone’s extreme liking for Cliff’s French Toast, so Avneesh, Ria and Sonal walked down to a local farm, I say a local farm but they managed to go to about 3. However it wasn’t a wasted trip, as well as some exercise they managed to get 19 eggs and haggle in Spanish.

Once all the work had stopped dinner was made and we all quickly scoffed it down, it was some good egg fried rice with vegetables, we are getting lots of nutrients for the week as the amount of vegetables seems to be increasing rather than decreasing. Following our dinner, we all sat together and had a review of the trip so far and what is left to come. We all had to answer four questions; the best part, the worst part, the funniest part, the challenges we hope to overcome. After listening to everyone talk about their experiences on the trip it was interesting to hear that even though many experiences and thoughts were similar on the trip so far, they were some that were different and ideas or fears that still need to be conquered.

(Ed. We found the ‘Pet’ Guinea pigs today....the look on the groups face when they realised what they are really for . Oh well When in Peru.......)

Talking about cheap, good quality food from Lidl, “I’m such an Indian” – Anya’s quote of the day

Written by Anya

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