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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

We're off to Puno and Lake Titicaca

As this expedition has progressed, we have discovered that we all share the same passion of hating these early morning starts. Followed by porridge with a cinnamon twist, which had quite an acquired taste, this was disliked by many (Ed. not me :-)). A rushed, panicked start led to us running out the hostel (Ed. we'll not mention which girls were not packed in time :-)), quarrelling about the whereabouts of our bags, which led to almost missing our bus. This turned out to be the worst morning yet. Wet clothes stuffed in random available pockets and with the anxiety of people being ill (Ed. after drinking the Spa bath water) we were unsure of whether we would make it to Puno.

With no idea with what to do if we missed our bus, running through a foreign bus station with the fear of pick-pocketers was certainly an experience. We did, however manage to get on the bus, where many of us were able to appreciate this time to catch up on our sleep which we lacked. After a relaxing and unwinding 6 hour journey, we arrived safely in Puno.

Here, the number of ill people increased, probably due to the sudden rise of altitude, which is 3800m above sea level, according to our expedition leader, this is almost as high as Mont Blanc. Currently, we are very close to Lake Titicaca, which we have discovered to be the world’s highest navigable lake.

Shortly after arriving to the hostel, we quickly settled down and began exploring the town. Post this we found a lovely Chinese restaurant which makes a difference to the standard pizza and pasta that the vegetarians have lived on since arriving to Peru. This was enjoyed by the entire group even those that were feeling a little down managed to eat and take pleasure from the typical Chinese warming food.

As another day draws to an end, we look forward to tomorrow’s adventure on Lake Titicaca and the future challenges that this trip has in-store for us.

Quote of the day by Asha:“ Its so cold in this hostel I’m so scared that my bum will stick to the toilet seat!!”

By Ria & Sameera

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