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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Preparing for the project

So you guessed it, it’s another early morning start... the beginning of these blogs are getting predictable!

We all awoke to the sound of people running around the hostel and even to karaoke, which I was told apparently didn’t sound very good but none the less we all dragged ourselves downstairs for breakfast to receive a breakfast of jam, butter, bread and a very odd form of porridge.

After breakfast we had to get organised and prepare for the project which included buying food and materials that we would use later this week. The start of this organisation was meeting a teacher from the school and our project contact Victor who we went with to find lots and lots of paint, tables and various other stuff the school had requested us to bring. By midday we were all back at the hostel packed and ready to get on a bright yellow coach which I thought was pretty cool until we all panicked our bags wouldn’t fit in as we lugged the endless food bags and rucksacks to the boot. Somehow everything fit into the bus, including a huge bookcase which was just randomly placed in the middle of the isle, something never to be seen in England.

After a short bus journey we slowly approached the school and were greeted by a long line of smiling children all holding out their hands readily waiting to greet us and say hello... Clearly they are trying to practise their English and we are trying our Spanish!

We were directed to a cleared out classrooms where we could sleep, set up all our gear and CHILL! It’s clear tomorrow we are going to be painting a lot so sorry mum I may come back with ruined trousers!!!

The school is situated in the community of Ticanipampa about 45km out of Puno and at the same height as the town (3,800m). Its location in the middle of a barren but beautiful landscape appears harsh, especially to us girls! The school is a boarding school but with VERY basic facilities.

Cliff is planning another walk tomorrow after our work to see if we can handle the altitude...I hope my legs do better this time.

Lucy and I have already made some friends called Raina and Daisy although our eagerness to talk I have a feeling scared them but never the less they kept smiling and putting up with our bad Spanish followed by watching our extremely embarrassing ‘altitude dance’ YES LADIES it’s better than Zumba!

So it’s the end of the evening and we all have eaten dinner, thank you cooks by the way, and it’s obvious everyone is tired as they are all in bed (its oly 8.00pm) and I’m here writing this but even I must go to bed so goodnight guys!

Talk to you soon x


Quote of the day from Victor the Project contact after waiting for the school contact Elizabeth to return after disappearing back at the hostel in Puno: “These people don’t have a clue”

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