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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Good Food and Hard Work

We all oddly awoke to complete and utter silence and a deserted school, where we later discovered the children had gone home for the weekend (Ed. No one had actually told us this :-/). It was rather unfamiliar to have the team completely alone for once with no locals in the town or people in the hostels.

Breakfast was possibly the best we’ve had all trip (Ed. Yeah I wonder who made the breakfast??? Was it possibly Cliff???), porridge and eggy bread! It’s such a brilliant combination that we’ve decided to try and have it every day while at our project.

Once we filled our stomachs with our delicious breakfast, we headed off to continue painting the school buildings. A few took on the arduous task of doing the laundry, which prompted everyone to scoop up all the dirty laundry they had acquired over the last days.

Meanwhile, the rest made a great start this morning with the painting, managing to move on to the other buildings that were awaiting their cosmetic improvements.

Lunch seemed to follow the example of the yummy breakfast of our team’s style of noodle soup with vegetables but with pasta instead.

Then it was back to work. I had the job of painting the window frames and firstly had to tape around the windows with masking tape. I, unfortunately, found my fingers covered in black enamel paint that proved extremely tough to get off, whilst everyone else was splattered in spots of green (Ed. more like aqua) paint all over their faces!

We wrapped up at around four o’clock when it began to get a little cooler and headed off to the warmth of our sleeping bags. (Ed. Some of us took a bucket shower Avneesh )

As part of the cook team, we all relaxed our legs for a while and then headed off to our makeshift kitchen to prepare our vegetable stew for dinner.

As a special mention, Anya would like to wish her Mum a Happy Birthday x.

Written by Avneesh (Ed. Again lol)

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