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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Peru Day 4 - Death of an Octopus

We unfortunately had another early start this morning where we had to be up and ready for breakfast by 6.45am with all fifteen of us cooped up in one room passing round strawberry yoghurt and marvelling at how delicious it tasted. The simple things in life.....

Our first stop today was the Islas Ballestas which was known for its wonderful array of wildlife. We boarded a speedboat with our guide, Luis, and donned our bright orange lifejackets as we made our journey to the islands.

As we neared the Island, everyone was in awe at the sight we had before our eyes, every spot and crevices of each rock face was covered in birds like pelicans. One of the most adorable sights was seeing the penguins waddling along the rock face in amongst all the birds. We were told that the white colour of the rocks was due to the poo (Guano) from all the birds and that to watch out for any circling birds overhead that might take their dump. Asha was lucky enough to experience this.

One of the highlights of today was most definitely when we acquired an octopus on board the boat. Many of us touched and stroked the purple coloured sea creature while one Katya took the plunge and held it in her hands for half an hour! We’re still not sure of its welfare by the end of this though .

Luckily for us the rest of the day was much more relaxed after our early start to the day. We were able to visit the town and explore the many souvenir shops buying present for back home. As the sun began breaking out from behind the clouds (first time since being in Peru) after lunch, it seemed only one thing was on our minds, sunbathing! So off we headed to the rooftop terrace of our hostel to rest in the sun. Some of the group took this opportunity to get rid of a bit of excess energy and do some dancing.

We have just started our overnight bus journey to Arequipa where we’ll be beginning our acclimatisation treks. Looks like many more jam packed days to come! Long may they last!

Quote of the day from Asha: I've been pooed on by a Peruvian least I can say that.

Avneesh 

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