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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Salkantay Trek Day 2

As I have been volunteered (Ed. Tell the truth Mrs D I made you :-)) for todays blog it is most definitely being done earlier in the evening.

After a very cold night we were woken at 6 o’clock,imagine our surprise that it was with a cup of “tea”,mind you they had to do something to get us moving as we were to packed ready to go before breakfast at 6.45!!!!

Again an amazing meal (omelette and cheese, bread and jam,”sugar puffs” and yoghurt)

So it was a well stoked up team heading off to make our challenging ascent to 4625m we all made it even if it was at well spaced out timings. After many photos showing the amazing scenery we continued across the pass and our descent it seemed a long way to lunch time !!!! We had this at a small “homestead” so there were chickens and small dogs wandering around (which freaked one challenger when she realised 1 small dog had been sitting under the table)

As you can imagine there are no toilets on the trail so it has times been amusing watching the girls disappearing off behind the rocks others on guard.

ROXCOOL Pose from the Group :-)

After a delicious lunch (during the trek we are being cooked for which is a real treat) we continued our descent to tonight’s campsite. Some of us found this quite challenging as the terrain can be loose and rocky but we all completed it without incident.

I have determined that Cliff is the hare and I am the tortoise. His role is to keep an eye on the speedy ones and mine is to encourage those in the “back pack”.

Happy Hour soon , last night this consisted of popcorn/crackers and jam/hot drinks all this before dinner!!!!!!!

The first 2 days of the trek were supposed to be the toughest(I hope so today was a long day) but you will all be pleased to know no adverse reactions to altitude .

Mrs Douglas

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