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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Salkantay Trek Day 3

Today we woke up bright and early again at 6 to an amazing breakfast. Most of us have never eaten cake in the morning so it was a real treat when a yummy Victoria sponge cake with sweet creamy icing and chocolate icing was brought to the food tent :D We also had chocolate porridge!!!!

Afterwards we set off from Sawayaco down the mountain and Freddie kindly took pictures of us on this wooden bridge with a beautiful river in the background. The views were, as always incredible but what I loved the most was how the sun slowly lights up all the exotic plants and trees. It felt like we were in the jungle because of all the greenery and the birds singing.

After we had been trekking for some time we stopped for a nice long break. Rox told us more about the Incas and then we went round the group and everyone asked Freddie a question about the Incas. I think everyone found that really interesting :-)

We kept going and going and everyone was soooo happy when we made it to lunch because that was all the walking we would have to do for the day. Yay! Then when all our stomachs were content we hopped onto a bus to St. Teresa where we set up camp.  (Ed. You forgot to mention some of the interesting creatures, plants and people we met on the way Jess :-))

When all the tents were up we went to the hot springs in Cocalmayo which was very different to the last springs we went to, the water was surrounded by the mountain and lots of rocks instead of being swimming pool like. It was great after a long hard days work. (Ed. I would just like to point out at this stage my job is very demanding....putting up with that hot water while looking up at the stars and spotting the odd bat flying around was very strenuous ;-), look some one has to do it!!!! ) 

Right now it’s only 9:30 yet most people are ready for bed. However, the camp is alive with music and I think drifting off to the beat is going to be difficult!

Good night!


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