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Sunday, 3 October 2010

03 October 2010 Rock Monkey's hit the REAL rock

Three very talented climbers; Carmel, Brett and Danielle...enjoying the day

Cute and Talented!!!!

Rhianne climbed like a little demon....we'll not mention anything about her talking though lol

Roxcool poses all round!

As we drove north the weather didnt seem to be getting any much for the BBC....but they have been wrong in the past!The rain was lashing down on the mini bus windscreen. This however, did not stop the audible excitment building in the back of the bus.

Our plan of heading to Bowden Doors had to be changed and we choose Kylow Crag as a better more sheltered option. The rain continued but this didnt put of the Monkeys, most of which had never climbed on 'REAL' rock before.

The climbing skills and talent of these youngsters never ceases to amaze me. All of the group belayed themselves with the instructors looking in to ensure all was safe.

A rather dirty bunch of Monkeys returned to the Sunderland Wall to meet their parents...all of which had had a very quiet and relaxing day ...I'm sure

Thanks to the instructors on the day Tom, Richy and Liz....Great job Team Roxcool lol