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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Salkantay Trek Day 4

We did it!!!! 

We're in Agua's Caliente (Hot Water)....a small touristy town near Machu Picchu.  Todays trek was realitively short but in the sun was quite demanding.

Our first task was crossing the river via a manual cable car...ok it was a simple box that the locals use to bring thier shopping over in...but VERY effective....The girls loved it!...A brief stop made next to an idyllic waterfall and then the slog up the hill in the mid-day sun to the Hydro electric plant where we were to get the train to Agua's Caliente.

At the hostel everyone enjoyed their first shower in 4 days....might have been even longer for some
 ;-)....even if the water was only tepid!!!  Then out for Evening meal and to make plans for...what we've all been waiting for....MACHU PICCHU!!!!!!!

The photos below show the journey taken today ....

Cliff :-)....Not long now parents!!!! 

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