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Monday, 1 August 2011

Last full day in Cusco and we got a Lie in!!!! (Ed. Not all of us!)

Today everyone was so pleased to get their well deserved lie in after having some fairly early mornings on trek. It was a great feeling being able to wake up gradually knowing nothing was planned for the day where it meant we could completely and utterly relax. Seeing the group head down to breakfast all fresh faced and bright eyed was such a change from the sleepy eyes on trek.

After breakfast, everyone headed back up to pack their main sacks ready for our flight to Lima tomorrow afternoon. This seemed to take us all up to just before lunchtime.

I also had the task along with Anya to sort out our hostel for Lima which every time we thought it was sorted, a new problem arose. We were so ecstatic when first that the man at the hostel spoke English and then when the booking was made with no hitches what so ever. Believe me it was such a relief as we’d been struggling with booking since before our main trek.

Once everything had been sorted and hostels been paid, everybody all headed out towards the town to buy their last minute souvenirs and to chill out. It was really lovely to know that we had nothing else to worry about and to properly unwind before we headed home.

We all met back at the hostel ready to go to dinner at 6pm where we had chosen a restaurant that sat on the edge of one of the plazas, pretty location for the last meal in Cusco. After dinner some of us walked back to the hostel to pack our last few bits and pieces whilst some hit the town to enjoy some of Cusco’s culture for the last time.

You can tell that everyone is very much looking forward to these last few days as it means we can be reunited with family and friends and not have to be up by a certain time in the morning and get a proper lie in! (Ed. Is that right parents???? Hahahahaha)

From Avneesh ;-)

(Ed. we are just about to leave for our flight to Lima.....Not long now everyone !!!!!

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