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Monday, 2 December 2013

First of many blogs – Malaysia with the gang from St. James College in Brisbane - The Close Call

The Gang ready for action in KL Aiport
Well folks it’s that time of the year again for my travels to South East Asia with a bunch of Australian students working as an expedition leader for the company World Challenge...This time its Malaysia starting with today’s first blog about our first experiences in the fantastic Malaysia capital city of Kula Lumpur (KL).  The weather hasn’t really been too good today with rain most of the day.  This hasn't dampened the spirits of the group who seem like a nice bunch....we’ll see how long that opinion stays ;-).  For those that have not read my blogs before, each one is written by one of the students and where possible on a daily basis (internet access allowing).  I like to add my own comments as editor (Ed.) of the blog either to explain something that has been said or lighten up the ‘stimulating’ writing that sometimes comes out.  Not in this case, I'm sure you will agree, as Henry has written a great account of what has gone on so far.  If you want to make/leave a comment there is an opportunity at the bottom of the blog which is moderated by.....yup you guessed it me! J)

Where to begin! This trip has been so long coming; and I think I speak for our collective surprise, when we were shocked to find ourselves on a Malaysian Airlines flight, bound for Kuala Lumpur. Though a few tears were shed at customs, we boarded happily, and the flight proceeded happily, if not a little restlessly. 

While some of us (Most hilariously Eddie), lapsed into blissful food-induced coma shortly after boarding, most of us slept fitfully, if at all. After a not-so-restful eight hours flying, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, rewarding our protracted period of sitting, with, yet another protracted period of sitting; where we met our (most definitely not Geordie Ed. :-))) expedition leader, Cliff, and were briefed on our itinerary and group roles. Once we were fully briefed, prepared and well fed, we boarded a clapped out bus (Ed. Of course a full risk assessment was carried out and the bus was deemed of a suitable standard ;-)) to KL proper.

A city of magnificent modern architecture 

A big Indian influence evident on the streets

A wet day but still very enjoyable

The bus ride was largely uneventful, if you discount the many bunny-hops, the occasional penis enlargement billboard advertisement, and Haydn’s “I-can-actually-feel-it-coming-out” near-miss bathroom incident. Somehow we managed to get to our Hostel without any breakdowns, enlargements or accidents, and with a little fearless trailblazing through the alleys of KL’s Brickfields, managed not to get too wet in the process.

After arriving at about noon, only to discover check-in was at 2:00, we took to the streets to, ostensibly, sample local food and products. But in reality, this meant burning through as much spending money as possible, in the shortest possible time.

After lightening our wallets and treating Miss Francis’s acute caffeine withdrawal, we arrived back the Hostel, only to discover that our check-in had been delayed by a further half-hour due to the ominous reason of “toilet trouble”, but all was sorted after a team meeting and debrief of the day’s events by Miss Francis and Cliff. Much to the pride of the team accountants (Lucy and Nick) we are $35 under budget, though whether the trend is set to continue; only time will tell.

Safety First!

Street walking KL stylie!! 

The Girls looking the part! 
Henry Contemplating life!

These are the 'Happy photo faces' apparently!

Yeah my thoughts exactly!

Not so cute! 

I finish this note in the lobby of our Hostel, as we prepare to venture forth in search of dinner-time bargains, and I can only hope our journey will continue the precedent of hilarity, good-humour and excitement it so far has made. Our thoughts are with you, as we know yours are with us.

13 happy souls fed and watered for not much more than $40

Much love

Henry & the Jimmies World Challenge Team

(Ed. Well written young man :-))

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