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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Blog Number 9 – The Long and Winding Road back to KL

We all woke up at 0600 hrs to a hot humid morning with bags packed ready to go to KL. The journey back to our beloved PODs Hostel in The City was going to be a bit of a long one.  Mr Chang had organised a taxi for us to the jetty in Pangkor Town, from where we could purchase tickets for the ferry.  Once aboard we sat in peace for the 30 minutes to Lumut, everyone a little sad to be leaving our little bit of paradise.

While in Lumut we went for breakfast as we had an hour before the bus was expected. The breakfast was good but then not great. (Ed. We’re getting kind of fussy about the quality of our Malaysian food.)  Following breakfast we left with just enough time to get to the right platform, however, no bus was waiting for the panic started.  Henry ran down to the ticket office to check, to find we should have been at platform 13 and not 1.  So we hauled our bags on our back  (again) and ran down to platform 13...Just as we arrived the lady in the ticket office came out and told us there was a problem with the bus and that we needed to get on another after 10 km...and that this bus was leaving from platform we hauled bags and asses back up to 1 and climbed on board! Phew!!!!

The 4 hour journey back to KL was pretty much uneventful apart from Cliff being accosted by an unhappy family as he was sitting in their seat (Ed. I blame the transport people!) 
It’s strange how comfortable we all feel in the city, the rundown surroundings of Brickfields feel strangely familiar and we are comfortable with the chaos of everyday life there.

Once ensconced at PODs we had a team meeting to plan our next few days and ensure everything was in ok.  The project team checked that everything was in order for our arrival the next day.  We are now sometimes having team meetings without the staff to express any problems we are having within the team and its dynamics.  This seems to work!  We also planned a team visit to the Petronas Towers for the morning before we were due to catch the train to our project site.

Quote of the day: “Yelling is universal in all languages” Henry...this was following his happy experiences with the bus company.

Sun Chart: 0

Conor Grennan

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