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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Blog No. 14 - In the Heat of the moment or Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!

Hi peoples

Today was another one of those boring travel days but with some highs and lows. We left Kirtash this morning after the 4 days we were there. It was upsetting to leave as we had all bonded with the occupants and got to know them very well. There were a few tears on both sides. Justin, a 14 year old boy cried when we left. People were expecting that as he cried 3 hours after our arrival because he knew that we were leaving soon. This just proves how lonely these people are and what a difference people can make in their lives. For me it was really hard to say goodbye to Ali, a 6 year old that was crying when we first arrived. Since then he was attached to me, literally. He always wanted to be carried and up in the air and when I tried to put him down he would wrap his arms around my neck so tight and refused to let go.
Mr Mani and his lovely family and staff of course

After, we got the train from Rawang station to KL Sentral. We hadn’t  eaten breakfast  but planned to eat there. However,  we found out we needed to go to a station called Titiwangsa to catch our bus. As the name itself was funny we decided to eat there so we could say we ate at Titiwangsa. Haha. Then at 11:30 we caught a bus to Kuala Lipis that took 3 hours. We arrived at Kuala Lipis and walked to our hotel, Hotel Jalei. We arrived at the hotel tired, hassled, hungry, de-motivated and dripping with sweat, only to find out it was the wrong Hotel Jalei.  The directions given by the hotelier to find our correct hotel were vague to say the least! The route took us over the train lines and a short cut through what seemed like an illegal poker den for the elderly, Finally, now swimming in sweat we arrived at our correct hotel. 

Hot and sweaty...Not a happy chap - s!

Even the staff were struggling today!

Appu (our trekking guide) then came to meet us to talk about the trek that we would be undertaking. (BTW there will not be a blog posted until the night of 20th as we will have no internet access in the middle of the jungle, so chill and don’t stress as we are fine....honest J) He explained what we need/don’t need so we can pack lightly and make the trek a little less difficult. Camping in the jungle for 5 days in a tent with 2 other guys is not my idea of fun, but hey, it wouldn’t be called ‘World Challenge’ otherwise.

After the meeting with Appu we came back to have our own meeting led by Clifford and Casey. After discussing our 13 rules we discovered that Connor had lost the shovel...yet again! At the pre-departure meeting we handed out group equipment. Connor received the shovel. However he forgot to bring it with him. so after eventually getting one yesterday, he left it at the train station somehow. It wasn’t like it could be easily lost. About a meter pole with the shovel base. Anyway so during this meeting Haydn in his infinite wisdom asks, ‘Connor, how did you manage to lose a hoe?’ (Thats with an ‘e’ folks)
The rain heading in for its 1800 hrs downpour 

Following this we headed out for dinner and got some food before coming back to pack the necessary requirements for the trek. All in all good day, and as Ginny would say, ‘Happy Days?’.

Quote of the day: See above

Sun Chart: 4 (with the obligatory thunder and lightning around 18.00hrs)

Over and out folks

Nick Almond

This car caught my eye on the way around from the shops

GB Number plate???

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