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Friday, 13 December 2013

Blog No. 11 - When Chuck Norris met his match!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry about the late blog today everyone, I was procrastinating as much as I used to with assignments, my Mum would know how excellent I am in the art of procrastination oops :/ Anyways...
 This morning we all woke up to Cliff’s bad choice of music on his phone (again!) and after that we slowly and sluggishly made our way out of bed to have a breakfast of hot Milo and some good and bad biscuits. It was followed by a multitude of handshakes and “Good Mornings”. J

Today was filled with shopping for art and well needed supplies, games, cards, activities and painting. Mr. Mannivannan (Money) offered to drive us to wherever we needed to go to purchase whatever we needed. He picked us up and I had the privilege to meet Mr. Mannivannan’s lovely daughters, one of which has been adopted by him and his wife Judith.  His daughter spoke English very well. She showed us her school and interpreted something her brother said to Lucy, “You and your teacher are very beautiful.”  (Ed. Obviously he was talking about me!!!! J ) We obviously giggled that off and headed into the store. Today I experienced Tesco for the first time!

It was kind of like Woolies mixed with Target. (Ed. Aussie for supermarket for the UK contingency)  It was great! Everything you could want in one store! Lucy, Henry, Casey, myself and Mr. Mannivannan’s kids spent about Rm 350 ($115.00 ish). After that we spent another hour and a half shopping but we came back to very excited people who were eager to do some activities with us. Haydn and I made a good start to the Christmas mural they asked us to do and Lucy, Saranda, Besa and Emily started putting Christmas artwork that everyone did up on the wall and it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself J.

Although we have had a pretty good day, we are all getting a little bit overwhelmed by the impact that the residents are having on us and we see some things that are not what we were expecting to see on this trip. We are working well together as a team to try to get along and do the best work we can here so we can get the most out of this experience. (Ed. It appears to be working folks!)

We had a bit of a late evening meal because we were required to assist with serving diner to the residents at the home.     When we decided to go out for dinner I decided to try something different and something which I have been looking at since I have been here. Daging Tom Yam soup (beef and lentil). The man taking our order said, “It little bit spicy” So with this response to my order I wondered how bad it could be so I replied to the man, “oh that’s ok.” Once I got my food I spent the next 2 hours trying to make my mouth stop burning and some people *cough Nick* thought it was hilarious. IT WAS REALLY HOT!!!!

After tea and before going to bed...Miss Francis decided that she needed to do something about Nicks HUGE blister on his toe...So without hesitating she plunged the sterilised pin into nicks skin.  Unfortunately, she hadn't anticipated the pressure build up and before she could defend herself she received a blast of Nicks toe plasma in the face...of course the whole thing was recorded on video...we'll post this later YUK!!!!

To sum up, we have all had a good but challenging day and looking forward to the next.  We are all starting to miss and definitely appreciate the comforts of home and what our parents and families do for us.  (Ed.  Hopefully you will see big changes folks!)

Quote of the Day: “My Jeremy was like pushing out Chuck Norris” – Haydn and his 3 day old Jeremy (Ed. YUK!!!! There is a lot of poo chats on these trips!)

Sun Chart: 4.5 (sun all day and the daily afternoon thunder storm around 17.30)

Much Love,
Melissa xoxo

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