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Friday, 6 December 2013

Blog No. 5 - Jungle Bells

The guys were definitely up for today's trek!
 We all woke to a pleasantly chilly morning ready for a day of trekking. Deciding on a breakfast in town we all packed our bags, pulled on our boots and set off. We felt a certain amount of guilt while walking past our usual dinner spot as the staff beckoned us inside with cries of AUSIE AUSIE AUSIE! However we carried on and decided on another ‘resturan’ (Malaysian for Restaurant) a few doors down. Our breakfast consisted of roti roti and more roti, much to the appreciation of Casey. With full belly’s and smiles on our faces we all marched down main street in search of jungle walk number 3.


The gang dealing with the steep ground on today's trail

After walking down what we thought was the right track we found ourselves in a small town utterly, completely lost (Ed. I’d like to say skilfully misplaced lol). As yesterday we had realised that the map was useless, we carried on hoping to find the path. By some stroke of luck and of course Cliff’s wisdom (lol), (Ed. ok why the laughing? J) we found the right track. This was all very exciting however this new found excitement was short lived as we made our way further into the jungle. The path was steep, slippery and sticky. Not to mention sloppy, squelchy and slimy. In fact these words were the constant topic of conversation... that and Clifford’s monkey impersonations. 
Emily setting a great pace...we now know who'll be leading us on our big trek

Not sure if this is the best pout in the world or the best photo bomb in the world

Well signed trail...once on it!

Hi ho!
We soon reached a junction in the path and a small shelter where we had a lunch of fruit, bread and spreads. At this time we happened upon a local ( Ong) who knew this trekking spot well. He, much to our relief presented to us a shortened alternate route, unmarked on the map. Surprisingly, we swiftly completed the last of our trek with new found energy.

We stumbled out into civilization looking slightly sweaty, scruffy and stinky. None the less the grins on our faces said it all. We made it! While walking back to the main street we stopped at a fitness park. At this point we forgot our exhaustion and proceeded to carry out ridiculous amounts of unnecessary, competitive exercise much to the amusement of those who did not participate (Ed. We won’t mention who the most competitive person was eh Miss Francis???). Soon after we trudged gratefully into the local Starbucks, which we have all agreed is a comforting reminder of home.
Quote of the day: This jungle is so jungly (Lucy Kennedy)

Sun Chart – 0.5

“Happy Days”

Lucy Kennedy

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  1. Keep the photos coming guys - great to see what your seeing! Ian Dover