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Sunday, 22 December 2013


Parents, Family and friends....your loved ones are returning home after a pretty amazing trip with many tales to tell, However, they would appreciate you coming to the right airport for their expected arrival of 2010 hrs on the 23rd December.  Flight MH135. The staff (Miss Francis will be happy to hand over the responsibility back to you guys :-). Unfortunately, I won’t be there to meet you all as I’m flying back to the UK for Christmas. The guys and gals have been a great bunch to spend time with :-)...I know they have done you proud!  Please see below for a little personal message...Hope you have all enjoyed the blog.

Family J Gosh I miss you all so much, I’m so jealous that you’re all there together without me, but obviously, we’re saving the best till last in coming home for Christmas ;) Anyway, the flight gets in on the 23rd at 8:10pm, international airport. My World Challenge group might have a few things to sort when we arrive but we’ll see. Anyway, I’d love to have my phone at the airport? And please don’t put Elsie to bed when you come to get me! I love you all very much and I miss you all loads. I’m really excited for Christmas. See you soon, love Mehitabel xx

Hello friends and family! I’ve missed you all so much! I can’t wait to get back and tell you all the stories I have from this trip. Mother if you are reading this pretty please with sugar on top bring me my phone (if you ‘forget’ you will not receive your gift ;) hehe) also if you could take us to get some food that would be greatly appreciated. To the rest of my family reading this, I can’t wait to call and message you all to see how you all are and hear about how much you’ve missed me and not Besa ;). Goodbye for now, I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow! Love you all, your favourite twin Saranda xoxo

Hi family! You have no idea how much I have missed you all. Flight arrives at 8:10pm Monday. Mum! I really can’t wait to see you J! Can you please bring Owen (and my phone) to the airport? Owen, I miss my big brother, please come to the airport. Dad, I have missed you so so so much. Grandma! I can’t wait to tell you all about the trip. And of course Ralphie, I love you! It’s been absolutely amazing, but I am so ready to see you all again. Can’t wait for eggnog, Christmas, and my own bed. I love you all very very much! See you tomorrow! Xoxo

Hello all family and friends. First parents no embarrassing me at the airport. No songs. Pretty please wait until we are home because I will be with 11 other people plus all the people in the airport. Gonna keep this short cos i will see you all tomorrow. Miss you all and cant wait to see you guys. And unlike all these other people who all want their phone don’t bring mine. Its nice to be away from that sort of technology. Love you all and so excited to see you. Bye.

Hello friends and family! Although I have had the most amazing time here in Malaysia I cannot wait to get home and see and talk to you allJ. Snazzy ;) pretty please bring me my phone, you will remain the cooliest if you do! But then again you already are pretty cool. I mean you’re not like those regular mums; you’re a cool mum hehe. Some food would be appreciated too. Maybe nandos or a packet of pistachios? VLORA! I cannot wait to talk to you! I have so many stories to tell you and I’m sure you’ll have a few to share as well. To the rest of my family and friends I love you all so much and I miss you all like crazy but it’s only one more day. Sorry about Saranda saying that she is the favourite twin. It is a bit late and she has no clue what she’s saying. See you all very soon! The actual favourite twin Besa xoxo.

Tory and Winston can’t wait to see you both and squish your eyeballs out with hugs! Next stop will be shower and my own bed! Following a massively late sleep in, it will be straight to Ltd and pie face! MmmmmmmMmmm real coffee and croissants!

Hi Mummy!! Hi family! Miss you all keen to get back and give you lots of cuddles and fill you in on what I have been up to these past three weeks. Mum, although I have been away for three weeks and you haven’t had to listen to “I want...” or “can I please have...” but, when you come and pick me up can you please bring a packet of frozen white Tim Tams, vegemite and butter sandwich, KOJI!!! Oh and maybe my phone but I don’t mind J Also, can you please tell Russle that I may need a new hat for work on boxing day, it’s a bit muddy... actually, a lot muddy :/ Can you please also make my bed with my favourite sheets? I would love to sleep in my comfy bed in my clean room!! Oh and just for a bit of a laugh, my braids are still in, a little bit gross but still in, I only took the bottom half out today just for a change on the last day J Ok well packing is going to be fun but it will be worth it to see you in less than 24 hours!!!! XOXOXOXOXO LOVE YOU!!! SEE YOU SOON!! <3 span="" style="font-family: Wingdings; mso-ascii-font-family: Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-char-type: symbol; mso-hansi-font-family: Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-symbol-font-family: Wingdings;">J

Sup mumma and dad J I have had the most amazing time here. The food (something I thought I would struggle with) has been fantastic, the people have been awesome and Malaysia as a whole has been brilliant. Thank you both for letting me come on this trip. I promise you that the story’s I’ll have to share will be funny and very very odd at times. But this trip would have been 100% better than it already was if you could be here too. I know it must of been great not having me at home, listening to me winging and whining, but I’m pretty keen to get back to my bed and see the dogs. Oh and my computer... anyway I’ll see both of you at the airport tomorrow night J love you favourite son ;) Haydn ...Oh and please if you could bring my phone to the airport? I’ve missed my baby 1`

Hey guys, I miss you all very much and it would be much appreciated if you bring me white Tim Tam and my phone with credit and a nice cold bottle of water that does not taste funny and Katelyn I miss you most (hehehehehehehehe) I love you so much and I have so many great stories to tell and people to see. Mum and Dad thanks you so much for letting me come on this trip, it was the best trip ever and I am very excited to come now for a nice warm shower (more hot the n cold), my own bed I (omg) and Katelyn when I see you watch out I am going to hug you so much, your eyes will pop out of your head. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU GUYS. So keen to see you tomorrow night. Oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Your favourite son is coming back. Hope you guys come to the airport tomorrow and pick me up iv missed you guys, and hope you buy me the I phone for Christmas anyways I’m looking forward to seeing you guys I have bought so many gifts to give to you guys when I come home that’s if you GUYS pick me up. L0VE EDDIE.

Hey guys I am coming home tomorrow, hope u will be there to pick me up, kinda don’t want to come but my time is up here, i am excited to see u. Keep lots of hot water and excited to be in my own bed again. Anyways i will talk to u at 8:25. Conor

Hi all! It’s very late and people are asking me to write something, ugh, those buggers! But I’ve had a lovely time and I’m most looking forward to a relaxing Christmas, and continuing where I left off with my holidays! Give all the family my best, and make sure Charlie gets his arse down from damned Noosa in time for me to see him. Best regards

Please bring my biggest fan club to the airport ...those in the know will know who I'm talking about...especially the one who is expecting a dolly! No food on the list...I've eaten far too much over must train!!! Looking forward to family Christmas!  Much love to you all!

Thats it all over folks...Enjoy your time with the family and Merry Christmas

Cliff (AKA Ed.)

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