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Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Final Blog From Thailand

Family and friends....your loved ones are returning home after a pretty amazing trip with many tales to tell, However, they would appreciate you coming to the right terminal (No. 4) at Heathrow for their expected arrival at 6.45 am on Tuesday 13 August 2013. Flight 9w 120 – Jet Airways. The staff will be happy to hand over the responsibility :-) Unfortunately, I won’t be there to meet you all as I’m flying from Bangkok to Sri Lanka for a family holiday. The girls have been a real pleasure the whole trip and I’ve personally enjoyed spending time with them :-)...I know they have done you proud! Susie – Hey famalam, just checking that you do know to collect on Tuesday morning – please!! Without being a spoilt brat, please may I make some requests ( I love you mum) PLEEEEASE rice ban for at least a month with the exception of chile con carne. Also, for dinner can I have the insaaaane gnocchi with chorizo and melted cheese. As long as you guys +Jack are there I’ll be happy:-) missing you and can’t wait to see you all and give prezzies! Xox Georgia W - Hello! Just wanted to say please could somebody come and pick me up at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday. I have missed you all lots and am excited to be coming home but I have had a great time!! Please could we have lasagne and garlic bread for dinner and brownies too :-) and Please no rice for a while until I say it’s okay again ;). Lots of love Georgia xox Beth – Family, Hi! So I realised that we never actually discussed pick up plans however it would be lovely to see you at Heathrow Tuesday mornbeen ing :-) I have had an absolutely amazing time and have lots to tell you about but I have missed you all and I am really looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. David, say hi to stinkabelle for me! Xxxxxx Emily- hey mum and dad! Been having such a great time here but soo looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, been missing you lots. Just make sure your on time and go to the right terminal ;) looking forward for a big, squeezy hug and telling you everything I have been up to. I love you lots xxxxxxxx Hattie- Hey guys, been missing you soo much and I cant wait to see you tomorrow at the airport. Looking forward to seeing everyone including Tess and Scooby. Missing my hugs from you all, and cant wait to tell you everything we have been up to and give you your prezzies. Please make sure your on time so that I wont have to wait longer to see you, and maybe stop in Tesco or Sainsburys on the way home as Im craving a chicken salad for lunch (the chicken tikka pieces!). Love you lots and lots xxxxxxxx Millie – Hello everyone :D /I’ve had such an amazing time and am really looking forward to seeing you bright and early :-) I know you wont be late as I have heard that Daddy is already up to date on the times and terminals :-) See you very soon, and really looking forward to seeing Neela!!! Xxxxxxxxx Love you all xxxxxx Jaime – hey guys!!! Been missing you so so much and I can’t wait to see you all!! So so close now! I didn’t really discuss pick up plans but please be at Heathrow on time, (will has already told me he will be early!) I have so much to tell you! See you tomorrow morning. Love you all lots and lots and lots and lots xxxxxxxx Maddie – hey guys, literally cannot wait to see you all! Have had an absolutely amazing time but have missed you so so much! Please make sure you’re at the airport on time and make sure Jem wakes up and comes as well. Can’t wait for my marmite on toast, see you soon, love you loads and loads xxxxxxxx Rhiannon- Hey guys can’t believe I’m coming back home tomorrow! I’ve had the most amazing time but I can’t wait to see you guys! Please could you possible spare the time to come and pick me up from HEATHROW airport tomorrow morning (with some orange juice please). I’ve missed you loads and will see you very soon with so many great stories to tell you! Love you loads xxxxxx P.s please could you put some mince in the fridge I’m craving lasagne Annie – Hola! Cant believe its been a whole month since Ive seen you, its flown by! We have literally had the most amazing time ever and so sad to be leaving but also so excited to see you :-) Please remember to pick me up and make sure that you’re at the right airport and everything (I know what you’re like!) Please can I not have rice for the next 4-6 months, see you very very soon!!! Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx Helaina- Hellooo Its been so amazing and I Can’t wait to see you all! Dad please make sure you’re not late, or at the wrong airport ;) please no rice at least not until after Christmas. Lots of love and see you soon :-) xxxxxxxxx Sophie- Hey Duckers! I’ve had such an amazing time away but have missed you guys! Cant believe I’m coming home tomorrow! I have so many cool stories to tell you all. Please remember to pick me up from the right airport :-) please can I not have rice for the next year! See you all very soon! Oh and remember to stock the fridge!! lots of love xxxxxx Gini- I have had the best time out here and I’m sad to leave but I’m really excited to see you all, I have missed you all! Please make sure you all turn up on time and I will be very grateful if there is a full fridge and a clean bed at home haha, love you lots and lots, see you in a few hours! Xoxoxoxox Georgia S – Hey family :-) I’ve had the most amazing time out here but I’m so excited to see you all! Have so many photos to show you all and lots of presents (especially for Mima). In much need of mum’s lasagne and lots and lots of orange juice. Love you all very much and can’t wait to see you all. xxxxxx Thats it folks....All done here....Enjoy your time with the family x (Cliff AKA Ed.)

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