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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Blog No. 10 - Hi Ho Silva Away!!!!

This morning most of the group were excited as we were off to look at the Petronas Towers.  Haydn encouraged me ‘gently’ to get out of my lovely PODs bed and without argument we were off on the train towards the Towers.

The plan was to go up to the joining bridge between the two towers but when we arrived the tickets were not available at the time we wanted.  After satisfying our curiosity with the marvellous and spectacular design of the outside of the building we decided to have a little bit of retail therapy.  Nick purchased a pair of ‘genuine’ DC shoes (NOT), Miss bought a boys swag shirt and the rest of us bought items we just didn’t need.

We made arrangements this morning to arrive at our project sight in Bukit Beruntung (just outside of KL) for around 2.00pm.  The train from KL Sentral was very clean (more so than Brisbane trains!) and we arrived at Rewang station to be met by the project supervisor Mr Money and his side kick Sillva.  Money and Silva packed the minibuses and we were soon on our way to Kirtarsh (Handicapped and disabled Children’s Home).

Arriving at the Home we were not sure what to expect but Miss Francis and Cliff had tried to prepare us for what we may encounter.  However, we are happy to report that the Home is in quite an affluent area and the conditions within the home are actually quite good.  Our first task was to help with the serving of dinner.  This involved dishing out a portion of food and helping some of the residents eat. A lot of our group are quite sad at some of the difficulties the residents have and for most of us this is the real challenge of this project.  Henry is coping with this by opening up as much communication with Mr Money as possible which is great as we feel we can make more of an impact if we are doing and helping with things which the Home really needs.

Dinner this evening was a bit of a monster buffet!  Conor in particular seemed to have hollow legs how he managed to consume a plate of Steak, Burger, Chips, various bits of other peoples Roti and toped everything off with a Banana split...He even said he could eat more!

We are all going to bed tonight a little apprehensive about what the next three days will involve but we are up for the Challenge.

Quote of the day:           “Tomorrow will always come” Cliff in one of his philosophical  moments!
                                           “Eddie – Eddie – EddieEddie!!!!!” The whole group!!!!

Sun Chart: 4 (with the regular 17.30 rains)

Eddie Dover (Dad if you’re reading this PLEASE put the Christmas lights up for when I get home J)

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