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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Blog No. 6 - On the road to Pangkor Island

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late update but we (Ed. WE????  Arhem....Conor!!!) had misplaced our leader folder which contained the blog list and we were not sure whose turn it was to write the blog.
Everyday life for the Challengers disembarking buses

Following an early morning start (wake up at 06.30am) and a simple breakfast we headed to the bus station in the Cameron Highlands to make our way to our next destination which was Palau Pangkor, an island off the west coast of Malaysia. Our first bus trip included a stopover at the city of Ipoh for just over an hour. Connor again came off of the bus with a lighter stomach.
Miss Fransis enjoying the port of Lumut

Packed and ready for the ferry

Lots of people on the ferry boat over to Pangkor Island

After another 2 hour bus trip we found ourselves in the town of Lumut buying tickets for a ferry to bring us to Pangkor. Finally after a long day of travelling we arrived in Pangkor.  Pangkor is a town which is heavily impacted by the fishing trade and the town and our hostel was filled with the smell of fish (Ed. my room in the Cameron Highlands smelt worse!!!). When arriving at our hostel for the night we had found the rooms a little amusing. The rooms consisted of two huge beds covering the room from wall to wall. It reminded Casey of a big slumber party (Ed. Alpine style for those in the know). We then proceeded to teach the group a game all the grade 11’s know well as ninja. Saranda managing to conquer all, surprise surprise. Then it was dinner time, yay! The restaurant we chose was not in our usual price range however we thought that the group needed a treat. It was well worth the wait. Some of the group had been craving western food for a couple of days and finally those cravings were satisfied. Some of the group decided on having some desert. There were many different types of deserts. The most uncommon of which was a cake made out of jelly made from pandanis leaves. It was delicious (The brownie cheese cake wasn’t bad either ;-)).
Like I say below...its a hard life folks

The streets of Pangkor

Our first night accommodation on Pangkor

 After dinner we broke off into little groups and looked at some of the nearby shops. Before going to bed we all decided to play a game of “would you rather.” Which Henry succeeded to make morally difficult. Then off to bed it was. All of us excited about the sleep in which we deserved. (Ed. its a hard life out here folks ;-)).

The view from our first Hostel in Pangkor 

Sun Chart
Saturday – 0.1

Quote of the day:
“Jelly freaks me out”
-          Ms Francis

“Sometimes I like to throw toothpaste into the forest and yell you’re free!”
-          Henry   (Ed.  OOps!!!  That was supposed to say Toothpicks...Even Henry aint that crazy lol)

Thanks and Chat soon

Besa Biba

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