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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Blog no. 2 China Town KL City

The view from our Hostel window

Hi all! After a well deserved sleep and some breakfast we all started to organise the next few days of our trip. Although some jobs were a little hard we all came through and did a great job. We had the day to walk around and visit some places in Kuala Lumpur so we made our way to China Town by monorail.  The group started walking to the monorail but we ended up at KL Sentral! The monorail station was back near our accommodation which was one of the many laughs we all shared. The monorail tickets were the coolest things, they were like little poker chips! (I;  Saranda, am impressed by the smallest things haha).
Waiting for the monorail with some strange people

The Monorail! 

The monorail trip was a nice little ride towards our destination of Jalan Petaling (Ed. Petaling Street), China Town.  It had markets full of genuine, genuine fakes!  Lucy brought some pretty cool MC hammer pants; she promises to dance in them for us later. By this time however, the main thing on our minds was FOOD. We settle in at a little Chinese restaurant, which in my opinion was the best Chinese food I have ever eaten! (Ed. Hopefully the video has worked and you can see this for yourselves)  We keep ourselves entertained with the Lazy Susan (Ed. those  of you who were dragged up may need to look this up on Google hahahaha)
Entrance into China Town Proper
Rare sighting of that Nick creature!
Umbrellas and street vendors
Hunting for a bargin!

Lazy Susan!
Safety First - Hand Gel time

Satisfied shop-a-holics

I am now sprawled along a bean bag back at our cosy hostel writing this blog before we all head out to dinner. After dinner we’re  off to a karaoke bar to show off our angelic voices and I know you’re all jealous because you won’t be able to listen to us! (Ed. We didn’t get to the Karaoke as we sat eating too long in the street restaurant we had our dinner in)
More great architecture

Street restaurant and good food

The illusive Nick does not like getting his photo taken

Lucy with her brand new broken fake watch

Bricklands Area at night

Finally I thought I would start a new daily Cliff Lowther blog tradition; The quote of the day.

Quote of the day today: “I flashed Mel this morning!”  followed by the close tie “Mel can you smell my bum?”– Casey Francis (Thats the teacher I have to put up with folks!!! J)


Saranda and the Jimmies team

Back to our lovely hostel in KL
PODs Backpacker and World Challenge Hostel

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