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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Blog No. 13 – We Got The Right....To Parrrrrrt...A!!!!

HEY PEEPS! So today started off with a kind of early morning with us all dragging ourselves out of bed to head off for breakfast. We visited the local restaurant that we had eaten at for the last 3 nights. Breakfast was quite a difficult but interesting experience as the best waiter ever Anthony was not there, therefore making it a little harder to order our food with the other waiters that did not speak English that well.

Back to Kirtarsh, we had a little group meeting to talk about the last day at the project. A group of us took some of the residents to the park across the road to kick a soccer ball around while others stayed back for an arts and crafts session. The colouring that was done was a huge success with many of the residents participating as well as the fellow challengers who I think enjoyed the colouring a little more than the residents ;).

 We set off to our restaurant again hoping to see Anthony as we had prepared a Christmas card for him with a tip from all of us. When seeing Anthony we all had the biggest smiles as it would be the last time we would see him. Just before we left we handed him the Christmas card he was so happy and thankful that we got him something, as he has been in Malaysia for 5 years and this was his first present. He also mentioned that we were his favourite team from World Challenge. We took a group photo with him and said our goodbyes before heading back to Kirtarsh to finish our painting on the wall. We all wrote on little cards a wish or prayer for the people at Kirtarsh that we stuck onto the wall to complete our work.

We all performed a few songs for the people at Kirtarsh that involved Jingle bells, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, home among the gum trees and the swimming pool song (One of Cliffs many interesting songs). 

Later that night we all got ready to attend a 1st birthday party that we all got invited to. When arriving at the party we didn’t know what to expect but as we got there we were welcomed by some very nice people. Once we had finished dinner Lucy decided to give us a weird looking red furry fruit thing that we all tried. It was one of the weirdest things I have ever eaten and I speak for most of us when I say it wasn’t very nice. We all headed outside to see some of the kids from Kirtarsh dancing so we all decided to join. (Ed. It’s difficult to get over what an amazing night we had...The atmosphere at this Hindu Ist birthday party just went from good to remarkable.  Sharing the first birthday with the residents of Kirtarsh and the family and friends of the birthday boy was a true privilege!  The gang (St. James Crew) did so well to socialise and join in all the fun.  Apparently, Mr Mani received a call from the family to say how much the guys/gals had entertained them....I think this was due to the wired dance moves some of the girls were ‘knocking out’! Happy Days!!)

We all had eyes on us with our pretty amazing dance moves. It was one of the best nights; we all had so much fun dancing and just having a nice laugh. We all arrived back to Kirtarsh and said our goodnights and headed off to bed to be ready for an early morning and day of travelling.  

Quote of the Day: “Tooth paste, pencils, glitter, sticky tape and baby enemas” Henry’s shopping list
Sun Chart: 4.25

Saranda Biba

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