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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Blog No. 7 - Hey hey its the Monkeys!!!!

Sup G. 

Leaving our basic accommodation in Pangkor Town
So today we had quite an interesting day...first we started off with a well deserved sleep (08.30 am is when we awoke from our sweet, sweet slumber) after which we spent an hour looking for the Challenger leaders pack. Finally we set off to our long awaited breakfast! Although when we got there we were shocked that they had stopped serving our groups favourite, roti! (Ed. it was like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds!!!  Everyone was screaming!) 

The tight packed mini van on the way to the Seagull Resort

With fishy breath we packed our bags and began the move to yet another hostel/hotel.  To our surprise we were picked up by the new hotel owner who resembled Mr. Chow from the Hangover and who has so far proved to be very friendly and hospitable.

Beautiful view over to Coral Island

Our base for the day

After an hour or so of waiting for our rooms to be vacant, we decided to go to the beach. To our delight the beach was sort of clean and clear. That’s something we have gotten used to over this first week. The water and scenery was absolutely stunning. We all chose a spot that was underneath an overhanging tree, next to huge boulders. In the distance was a peaceful and tranquil looking island, as soon as we saw the island we were desperate to go over there. So of course, we decided to swim and crawl (as it was very shallow) our way there, through all the reefs and slimy sea cucumbers. (Casey really liked those sea cucumbers).
As soon as we reached the shore of the island the smell of the sea against the fragrant smells of the town created an atmosphere that seemed special. One thing that was different is that everyone was smiling. Everybody seemed to be happy to be there, and that set the mood. This little island village just seemed like a great place to be. After half an hour or so of us swimming around this little island, we decided it was time that we should head back to the beach and be with everyone. As soon as we got back to the beach Henry thought it would be a great idea to pick up one of the sea cucumbers. As a result it started to release some gooey slim all over Mehitabel’s thong (Ed. Just to reassure the Brits reading this... ‘thong’ is Assie for ‘flip-flop’!!!!!).

Hayden enjoying the exploring of Coral Island

The adventures with their ship in the background....They wish!

Arriving back at our Hotel we realised that the place was a little more chaotic than when we left it...this wasn’t due to more people but small fury things with long tails....MONKEYS!!!!!  On one occasion Miss Francis took out two of the Challengers running from one that was getting a little too close!
The not so nice locals!

Dinner started with all of the gang heading to a restaurant that was closed for another hour. So we all decided to go have a peep at the local markets and chill out on the beach. Deep fried bananas and soft shell crap seemed to interest some people in the group a little too much. When we returned to the restaurant that was closed at first we were greeted back with smiles and kind words. Although some of the meals we chose were expensive and just a little bit western we all had another great ‘family’ dinner, enjoying each other’s company and making the most of the night.

The old feet in the hammock photo!

Miss Francis taking in the last of the suns rays

Magnum tally down to only 1 per day! But C’mon they are only $1.25 each who wouldn’t.

Meanwhile banana pancake and condensed milk tally....Lets not go there!

One more day in paradise tomorrow J

Quote of the day: “Eddie, why do you want crabs?”

Sun chart: 3.5

Much love!

Haydn Watts

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