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Friday, 6 December 2013

Blog No. 4 - Strawberry Tea Fields forever

Roxcool pose by the gang

Hello! A guided tour was on order for the group today. So off we went to explore the sights, smells and taste of the local tea plantation and strawberry farms. However, the tour guide made us earn our treats; first we had to scale the areas highest mountain, Gununy Brichang  some 6,666ft above sea level. We had no right to complain; the poor tea harvesters have to carry 40kg baskets , on their backs, up and down the steep hills all day.  So, after sweating it out and gaining a plethora of local knowledge from our comical guide we had finally earned a stop at the local tea plantation, complete with picturesque back drop; hector of tea plantations and rain forest, where we filled our bellies with tea and scones from the Boh tea plantation.
Back on the bus down the windy road, with over flowing stomach we made our way to the strawberry fields. Despite the now car sick feeling everyone was dealing with, we somehow found room to fit fresh strawberry ice-cream, MMMmmmMMmmMmmM, possibly the best in the world! The only thing that could have made it better...SUN.

After the strawberrys we made a brief visit to a local junk museum...however, the group were not too keen and so decided not to go in and did a bit of shopping instead and play on a few kiddies toys...well they had fun anyway.

Apparently, on these trips its tradition to adopt a local animal. Well, here at Kang travellers lodge we have the world’s skinniest, scabby, snotty, stumpy tailed, not to mention smoochie cat. Although I suspect all it wants is our warmth; as it spends its day hopping from lap to lap getting pats and sleeping. Lucy has taken a real liking to Splog (the cat); even though I have never seen anyone disinfect and shower so fast after Splog covered her in snot. GROSS!

Quote of the day: 
Sun chart-1

Blog with you tomorrow for more updates of the time in Malaysia from the Students and Teachers.   

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