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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Blog No. 3 - Off Rails, Off Trails and Tell Tails

Good morning folks! Sorry about the lateness of this post, but we’re strapped for time, so in between strapping blisters and strapping on packs, I’ll try to fill you in on yesterday’s events!

On our luxurious coach to The Cameron Highlands
Our day began early, with a hectic rail adventure across Kuala Lumpur in order to get our coach to the Cameron Highlands. The first half of our coach ride was tedious in the extreme, with literally nothing to relay, except grey skies and green trees. But when we got to the Highlands, everything changed. And let me tell you, they weren’t kidding when they called them the “highlands”. Speeding along narrow mountain roads, dodging stray dogs, motorbikes and children, with sheer drops of hundreds of metres left and right, in something as distinctly un-agile as a coach; was terrifying. Sadly, our high-altitude coach rally proved a little too much, with Connor staggering off the bus, green, and with a much lighter stomach. (Ed. he wasn’t the only one looking and feeling green!)

When you know you are on a 'REAL' Jungle Walk.

Nice waterfall but full of garbage 

Avoiding the obstacles on the trek

Sisterly Love!

Once we got to Cameron, we arrived in the little alpine town of Tanah Rata, where we checked into our very, very pretty hostel. After that we set off for our first day hike of our trip, however we got lost (Ed. I’d like to say miss placed rather than lost J) as our maps were unscaled, unsuitable trash, and so, we ended up doing the “...most technical trail...I’ve ever taken a group of kids on” (Cliff our Expedition Leader). And technical it was; between steep trails, roots, and an abundance of mud, there were a few slips and near-misses but we all came back in enough pieces to order frappucinos from Starbucks. (Ed. While walking the trails we came close to nature and had one false alarm...SNAKES!!!  Although it has to be said the sole of the training shoes/runners we found did have us all worried to the point where we were poking it with a stick just to make sure )

Yours Truly with some happy ladies - reaching a flat spot

Moss growing on the trees on the trek

Treacherous conditions on the trail

After a lively dinner, we settled down for a long group meeting where we discussed some things that were bothering the group and we were able to work out some solutions to some pretty major issues, and have a laugh as well. 

Yesterday, we came a long way as a group; we’ve proved our ability to problem solve and work as a team both on and off the trail and I have nothing but great expectations for the rest of the trip.

Selamat pagi!

Quote of the Day: This stick has eyes!  OMG!!!!!

Something New!  We have decided to do a little sun chart everyday as we are all missing it so much...the chart will grade how much sun we see in the day on a scale of 0 - 5 where 5 represents a clear blue skies with bright sun and 0 is no sun and full cloud cover or rain

So far:
Monday - 0

Tuesday - 0

Wednesday - 0

Thursday - 1 Yeah!!!!!!! -
Henry & the Jimmies World Challenge Team. 

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