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Friday, 2 December 2011

World Aids Day – A Celebration of life (Day 8)

Waking up at 5am (Ed. This is our usual time of getting up!!!!) in the morning started us off for day 8. We were told that today was Worlds Aids day......How lucky are we to be at NHCC Orphanage for such an appropriate and worthwhile celebration!

We went up for our nice early morning breakfast of Fried eggs, rice and vegetables. Oh and chicken.

Today we got told that we didn’t have to paint all day! It was the biggest relief for most of the group (Ed. Erh Kim I think it was you that made such a big thing of not working) and good news for the softy’s (Ed. Who might you be talking about there then? lol) to go into the school to help out with the kids.

BEFORE:                                                                    AFTER

First up after breakfast was the removal of Cliff’s moustache. Cliff had been growing his tash through the whole of November (Movember) to help raise awareness of Men’s testicular cancer and depression. Mr P helped remove the ‘long’ hairs before Cliff shaved the rest. Cliff looks so handsome without his moustache (Ed. Oh the joys of having editorial control ;-)) hahahaha

Most of the group, from breakfast-lunch, caught up on their sleep and had a good read of some books and others went into the school. Then we all got woken up and told we had a meeting about the planned events day ahead with the other Dutch group and Fiona (British volunteer). We all got into a group and listened to what Fiona had to say. We were told we had to hold a sports day for the children at 2-4:30. So we all got ready in pairs for the afternoon activities.

Lunch today was a massive meal made up of beef, salad, fish soup and rice. NO CHICKEN! It was amazing (hahahahaha). Then we had no painting to do again until 2 so yes, we all fell asleep and had a relaxing few hours. Some wondered off to the near market to get their supply of Asian chips and soft drink to get their energy boost for the day. Others went to the pig farm to see if the piglets were born yet, but they are still 2 days late. Then when it came up to 2pm we all got our stalls ready. Kiara and Charlee were on tug of war, Sandy and Kate Circus tricks group 1, Mr P and Xaiver were in group 2 doing Circus tricks, Kim, Sarah, Cliff and Miss D were on face painting and nail varnishing (Ed. yes you read it right I was on nail varnishing lol), Zac and Jayson did Bullrush, Michaela and Amreeta did musical statues, and Patrick and Nathan were on drip drip drop (another version of duck duck goose).There were 8 groups of around 20-30 children and the groups all switched stations after 10 minutes so some groups had a big rush to get through all the children. Once all the children had painted face, and worn out the sports day had sadly ended.

We then made our way to a lovely dinner by the marvellous chefs. Then we all went out to play with the kids. Some started off doing netball and others did basketball. Then when it hit 6pm the massive speakers started bursting out music and all the kids made their way to the basketball court and everyone started dancing. It was a little disco but we all managed to cover the wholeof a basketball court. Some of the older children showed us the beautiful Cambodian style dancing and some great break dancing. Everyone had so much fun smiling and laughing with all the kids. The disco ended at 8pm and everyone made their way to the showers as we were dripping wet from dancing and running around with the kids so much. Eventually we got ready for bed and sleep just as the generator was turned off at 8.30 pm. Over all today was an amazing day with all the beautiful children, their love and need to have our love and attention is very strong. It was inspiring seeing the children so happy and especially how they dance :-).

The photograph below is of a little friend thats been keeping the boys company in their bathroom :-)....When it attached itself to Cliff's face he wasn't so sure the friend should stay lol

Written by the bestesttt..... KIMYWOOOO! (Kim Shields)

Quote of the day – Patrick Newton: While in general conversation with the guys Patrick made a statement “You know those roads that go under the ground?” ‘You mean tunnels?’ “Yes, those are the ones” was his reply lol.

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