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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Wat a Day!!!! - Day 12

We woke up this morning, to a knock on the door, and discovered that we (well, most of us) had less than 10 minutes to get ready because none of the set alarms went off. We frantically got ready and met downstairs. The plan was to get there early in order to see the temple at sunrise. After a dark ride through the streets of Siem Reap in Tuk Tuks, we reached Angkor Wat on time to find the best spot to see the beautiful temple structure under the first ray of sunlight.

We think everyone had the same idea as us as we all seemed to be cramped in one area. The sunrise was brilliant, the first reddish colours hit the sky and the cameras started flashing. After about an hour or so we decided to head over to a little side street cafe for a nice coffee or hot chocolate. It didn’t take long for all the street sellers to surround our table begging us to buy all their goods. We had one man come with paintings of Angkor Wat. They were some of the most beautiful artworks we had ever seen.

We went off for our pre packed breakfast where we met our personal guide. He took us around Angkor Wat (Temple) for about 3 hours to complete a full tour while showing us all the different carvings in the walls that would have taken forever to carve. The amount of detail the people put into the artwork is incredible. As we were walking around we were asked by a man if we would like to pay to see some people dance, we decided it would be a cool thing so we gave them some money and sat down eager to watch the performance. But in actual fact we paid to have photos with them which was our first rip off.

We completed Angkor Wat and set out to see Bayon. We arrived at the temple and Charlee almost had a heart attack when she saw the first elephant whilst on our expedition. We spent about 10 minutes admiring the elephants then set off to explore Bayon. This temple is much smaller then Angkor Wat, it was still a good experience to go and see the faces carved into the sandstone. The last temple we decided would be a good one to look through was Ta Phrom. This temple is different to both Angkor Wat and Bayon as it has trees growing out of the walls of the temple. Jayson was the pick for the butterflies. It was suggested he should put it on his nose for a good photo. Ta Phrom was a beautiful place and a lot more relaxing than the other two. We spent around 1 and a half hours here then set off back to the okay hostel.

When we got back to our luxurious Guest House some people decided to go have a sleep, some went for a massage and others to lay by the pool. That night we went out to dinner near to the markets in a street cafe where a young boy tried to sell us a book but got very defensive when we told him a member of the group bought the same book for $1. He thought we were lying to him (Ed. which you were ) and for the rest of the meal sat down giving us evil stares. It was off to the night markets again. Some of us decided to go have a massage which was the most amazing massage we have had. Then to the stores for 30 minutes then back to the massage place for a foot massage. Our group then decided it would be a good idea to go back to the hostel. We found a tuk tuk driver who he called happy tuk tuk. He was the most awesome tuk tuk driver we have had so far. He turned his pimped up red light on for us and thought it was hilarious to turn a corner extremely fast to make us all scream. Then to driver up the side of the road, we made it back to our hostel laughing (Ed. I hope the risk assessment was done!!!).

Charlee, Jane and I went to our room to discover the most disgusting smell ever. Jane got us to take her extensions out whilst sitting in the hall way to try air our room. The plan did not work, the room still stunk like you would not believe. We went to bed very uncomfortably with the smell still bothering us. We were all almost asleep when jane says, ‘guys what if the smell is gas?’ Charlee and I freaked then started laughing for about 30 minutes because of the things that came to our heads. It was probably the best night for us so far.

Written by Kiara: Love to all the family, missing you all xox (Ed. Awh!)

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