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Thursday, 22 December 2011


Ladies and Gentleman we have began our decent into Australia/England!!! :-)

Parents: Please note the flight details for the arrival of your Son/Daughter into Canberra:

Flight No: QF812, Arriving @ 1420hrs (23 December 2011)

With less than 24 hrs until we see your smiling faces, the challengers, teachers and Cliff have decided to put in some requests for you all:

Charlee: Hi Mummy its Chooky, I would like for dinner please, Steak with corn, mashed potato, make sure there is hot English mustard and heaps of vegetables. And please make sure that there is full cream milk in the fridge. Also I have made a bet with one of the guys that I won’t cry at the airport, so hold the tears until the car! Love you xox

Kiara: Hi Mummy, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I would like for dinner please a steak or crumbed lamb cutlets, but to be honest I don’t mind I am just looking forward to being home and seeing everyone. I am pretty excited for Zane’s BBQ if it is still happening!!! Hope everything is good and I will see you tomorrow! Hope Shayne and BJ are all good and excited to see me. I Love You! Xox

Cliff: PLEASE bring my Granddaughter :). No need for Indian food....I’ve had my fill lol, see you soon

Amreeta: Hi Mum and Dad! I can’t believe I’ll be seeing you in less than 24 hours! I don’t mind what’s for dinner, as long as I get home :) I can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures. I have missed you guys a lot and Bibi’s phone calls! Love youse heaps and see you soon <3 xoxo

Sarah: Hey everyone at home  I hope you are all safe and sound I’ll be in the country real soon can’t wait to see you!! YAY  for the food preference for dinner could I possible please have steak with pepper sauce YUM  CHOCOLATE MILK ah missed my full cream milk! Meat pie and Mangos please :-) :-)

Xavier: gnorwdab to the Pooleys. This is first communication for a month (which depends if you read it) You better read it. But then you will not see the message to read it if you don’t read it, so check the blog.......Love you dudes. One request. be there on time please, bring the bro, bring yourselves, please have some home water in a bottle and worm biscuits. Thks

Jane: Hola Bella! Not long now!!!!! I don’t really mind what we have when I get home, I’m still not feeling really hungry, but maybe cutlets?? I can’t wait to see you and have an under  Love u!!!!!

Gary: Business Class!!!! Yeah baby!

Sandi: Hi to all the family and to friends who might read this? Missing everyone, especially Mum and Dad. Can’t wait to see you all at the airport tomorrow at 2pm. Can you please bring to the airport 2 vegemite multigrain sandwiches and a Vanilla milkshake? We have 4hrs in Melbourne airport so it might be nice to see grandparents. (Please ensure my Ipod is charged Mum )

Patrick: hey mum, dad and corinna!! Nearly home now, I cant wait to get home and be there for Christmas. If I had to have one preference for food it would be a MASSIVE thing of milk and some choc-chip cookies that would be soooooooo good. And if its not too much trouble can we please go past zambrero’s ? be back soon :-) (Ed. Hollow legs Newton) lol

Nathan: Hey mum, dad, steph and teeghan! Ive missed you all and I cant wait to see you again tomorrow. Sorry for not telling you about the blog but I hope you have found out about it anyway. Would you please be able to bring a bottle of full cream milk to the airport? Only 16 hours to go! I love you all and happy 6 months teeghan for Tuesday.

Kimmywhooho: I’ve already wrote a cute little personal paragraph so all I can say is im so inspired once again. But yeah im going to use this paragraph to tell my parents just what I want when I get home ;) I want sour straps or worms to be brought to the airport and Chisholm pizza for dinner and defs good berries for desert >:] woooo excited to come home! <3

Zac: I have had the most emotional month crying myself to sleep everynight missing everyone, I have hated every moment of it I just wish I was home PSYCH!!!!!!! Now on a serios note I am really missing my ipod the extra long bus rides have been hell and I would like laksa for tea please fair chaps.and that goes for who ever picks me up  (Ed. He’s coming back a changed man!!! )

Michaela: WEOWWWW!!!! Be home really soon, I cant wait to see you all, soo many stories to tell and a million experiences that I will try my best to describe  im hoping to have a big Christmas lights expedition when it gets dark. Mum, dad, Jason, Daniel, Jemma and my special Rikki, I’m hoping you have not forgot my face ;) id love a trip to sombreros when I fly in :D I love you all so so so so so much and I’m not quite sure if I will cry or if you won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face, so brace yourself  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox love love love love love

Jayson: hello everyone not quite sure who is reading this but I miss you all very much. Don’t get your hopes up about presents I got the family one big one but that’s all. For dinner I am not sure what I want at the moment but be prepared to take me where I want  I love you all and miss you very much. P.S Zac will probably ask you (mum) to let me go to sombreros (some Mexican place) and I don’t want to go! K thx bye xoxo. (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MY SIM CARD MOTHER)

Kate: Hi mum (if you read this) and dad. Give George a pat from me. For dinner the night I get home I reckon Shepherd’s Pie sounds good. Or something with potato  And if there’s some Canberra Milk in the fridge that’d be goooooooooooooooooooooood. :3

Ed. Its been an emotional blast guys.....Thank You ALL!!!! 

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