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Monday, 12 December 2011


ready for trek off ;)

At the time of writing this I would like to announce that we are 2 hits away from 10,000 hits on Cliff’s blog, over 4,000 since we left Australia!!!! 

Today, we said goodbye to the relaxing and reenergising vibe of Don Det. Goodbye to the beautiful sunsets over the water, goodbye to the enchanting full moon and most unfortunately goodbye to this short relaxation period of time. As my mum would say “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” (as some of us did ;))

The morning started off relatively late for all those who had packed the night before. We were out on the balcony overlooking the beautiful water’s edge along with the chilling water buffalo chilling down below at 8.45.

If you have not already been informed we have now been allocated a consequence for beening late: 15 push ups or 30 sit ups for each minute you are late (watch out! Tony time will no longer be a problem in my house hehehe love you daddy) unfortunately I have to blog that I was one of these people this particular time but only had 15, cliff on the other hand had 45 to do!

We got off the sandy ground and 8 of us got on the long tail boat with all out gear and set said for the main land, the boat went back for the second round while we went for a quick look around the markets.

Charlie showed us to the bus and we were on our way. We must have been exhausted from all our relaxing because everybody had a quick sleep before we reached Pakse.

On arrival we were extremely happy to see a new form of transport to try out. These big funny looking tuk-tuks tuk us to our guesthouse (get it!!). We were all pleased to see that they had hot water showers, nice beds and clean rooms. So as soon as got down stairs (20 minutes after we arrived) we booked the same rooms for the up coming Sunday night because hot showers and clean rooms and comfy beds make up for a fantastic place to stay right after a 6 day trek and before a 12 house bus trip.

After looking down the road for a place to eat we found an Indian and Malay Restaurant although half the group, cant deal with spicy food. The food was fantastic! Quote of the day is brought to you by the letter J and the number 2 (sesame street ;)): “this meal is out of control” “what did you get?” “butter chicken” but it was just too good to stop. But im just going to chuck this out there: I have a sneaky suspicion that people here do not like me because my meal always comes out 2 hours after everyone elses. Oh and the lovely parents of Xavier Poole! DO YOU NOT FEED YOUR CHILD! ;) he gets his 3 meals before I get my one! Hehhee

We went next door to get ice cream and it was a peculiar sight to see 4 fully grown boys eat from a tub of icecream with the same spoon below a neon sign that said “friendship mini mart” this gave zac a chance to say the his favourite saying “no homo”


Bus just arrivied to take us on our 6 day trek. Sorry this means we will not be able to blog until Sunday! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Love love love love

Written by - Miki b

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