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Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Teary Farewell and Arrival at Angkor Wat

ED. Sorry its late folks!

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It was a very sad morning when we had to leave the orphanage with all the Cambodian children giving us small parting gifts and lots of tears.

As always we began the morning by having a early start of 5:00am to pack and have breakfast of chicken, sardines in a tomato sauce (yuck :P) and rice. As we left breakfast, we walked over to the gate where all the kids leave to go to the local school. We stood there and waved goodbye to all the kids and some of us started to cry (mostly Jane and Cliff) and kept having to turn around to face away from the kids. After all the kids left we went back to our dorms and pick up our big packs and put them in the common area while we waited for the bus to come back.

While all this was happening we were also celebrating something BIG!!! Kate’s birthday (she finally is 15). We gave her a card that we had all signed, she got to ring home for a few minutes as a birthday treat and we got her a lemon pancake that was 3 or 4cm thick. As we placed all our bags on the bus we found out that we had to fit on 2 more people who were going to Phnom Penh for the weekend. Just as we were going out the gate, we did a passport check and realised that Nathan had left his money belt on his bed, so he sprinted back and got it (lucky him).

When we got to the okay guesthouse we all sat down for some more breakfast as crying had made us hungry and ran into some of the other people who had been at the orphanage while we were there. For our trip to Siem Reap we needed tuk tuks to get us to the bus station, unfortunately these vehicles are of limited capacity and with our big packs we were like sardines in a tin. At the bus station we had to wait for over an hour so we went to the markets and got some sweets for the bus ride in the afternoon. The bus was quite comfortable but not that comfortable for Nathan and Patrick (6’,4”). Although the bus had a toilet it was only for urinating in....some of the challengers tried this experience as an extra challenge. The bus ride was supposedly for 6 hours but after a few stops, where we got drinks, we realised that our trip was going to be extended by 2 more hours. We finally arrived in Siem Reap safely if not a little battered by the journey.

The Okay1villa is even more comfortable than the OK Guest House in Siem Reap and has a swimming pool!

Written By – Sandi Sharman

Quote of the day – Miss Davidson. “It’s going to be a long day this afternoon”

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