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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Almost back to civilisation and team review -Trek Day 5 - Day 24

Today, we woke up and packed our hammocks, tent and bags and had our last morning in the jungle. Breakfast was rice porridge (Ed. Oh my favourite!!!! NOT!!!! lol) and then we set off to the nearby village. We walked for about four hours, on a wide, flat trail and fortunately without too many obstacles (unlike other days!)

We reached the village and went to the guesthouse/hut to dump our bags and organise where we’d sleep. We had the 8 girls in one room (with only 5 beds), and the 5 boys in the other. Cliff and Jane slept in their hammocks on the veranda, and Gary put his up between some trees in front.

Dolphin, our guide, took us to some shops in the village and we bought Pepsi, lollies, coffee and Ovaltine. We saw a monkey at the village, and a lot of dogs and pigs and a really tall rooster. For dinner, we sat outside on a couple of mats and ate sticky rice with chilli, and chicken (or vegetable) soup. It was really tasty, but there was so much food we couldn’t eat it all!

After dinner we had a group review,

Insert by Jane and Cliff: Having editorial control, we have decided to add a little bit about how our last team review went. Sitting on the veranda of the Village accommodation, after our candlelight dinner, which was chicken which was killed an hour before hand, we began to discuss the details of the trip. We talked about our completed trek and each came up with one word to describe our 6 day jungle adventure. Every one chose a positive word! We realised that we have had many individual successes despite facing many challenges along the way.

Each challenger was then asked to think of one inspirational moment of the entire trip and another time which provided an (A-HA) moment of insight about themselves. As I’m sure you may have already gathered, many people have been inspired by the amazing experience at the orphanage, Cliff and myself included. (Just looking at photos brings Cliff to tears) Most challengers experienced some self discovery, which I’m sure they are keen to share with you all.

We then each had to choose one person who we were really thankful for throughout the trip. This was challenging, as a lot of us had many people who contributed not only to people’s enjoyment but also their sanity. After just over 3 weeks overseas, the group was starting to really bond, permanent friendships had been formed and it was a great way to end the trek.

(Back to Kate’s typing): and then went to bed. Night time was uneventful, except for being rolled on (thanks, Sandi) and Gary was sick. In the end, it was a good day, and almost at the end of our trek!

Written by Kate Coxhead

 Erhm!!!!????  LMAO!!!! hahahaha

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