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Sunday, 18 December 2011

BEEN THERE DON DET- part two (Day 19.5)


Hate to start from the middle of the story but I’ll get right to it ;)

WELLL.... (Classic Michaela story starter: P)

We walked back to the guesthouse and started separating what we were storing and the items that we are going to be lugging though the jungle for 6 days. More push ups were performed by various people for being late to our meeting with the trekking agent Song. After going though the important details of the trek, we were informed that our itinerary was off, we were now only doing 6 hours of trekking per day NOT 9 WOEW :-) I won’t give away details of our discussion, I’ll let the bloggers do that for you :D

The meeting had ended we had half an hour to get ready for dinner and be down in the beautiful foyer. As we stepped outside the hotel doors Jane informed us that Laos has a curfew of 10 PM but we found a closed but open (to us) cafe just around the corner. We ate and talked and there was no telling how many days it would take in the jungle till all of us got grumpy, so we enjoyed every second of it :-)

As we walked back to the hotel I couldn’t help but sing talking to the moon by Bruno mars while the full moon was shining down on the beautiful street. This was partly because of the lyrics and the person I associate the song with but also because everybody in the group admires my voice :-) (Ed. Defo next X Factor worthy!!!!) I may be getting a big head :D hehehe

My homesickness has not been a problem since I changed my perspective, I no longer miss home to the point where I’m not enjoying my trip, rather I’m just excited about getting home. (Ed. Ditto :-))

I’m sorry to strain your eyes but I’m going to add something personal for my family because this is the only form of communication I can have with them, and I would like to hear someone say that I made them cry by reading it ;)

I miss all my family, I’ve never really had the opportunity to miss them like I have here, 1 month without my family and I’m considering staying in Canberra for the rest of my life. Furthermore, it was so difficult for me to go from spending every second of everyday with my best friend and boyfriend Rikki to not seeing him at all. I’m just trying to convince myself that ill have all the time in the world with them when I’m home and I'd be angry with myself if I spent another second upset about not being there, when I should be enjoying my experience here. I’m so excited about spending time with my family at Christmas then to come home and spend a whole 2 weeks alone with my big brother and Jemma to enjoy a lengthy period of time with two of the most special people in my life of which I only see once a week, if I’m lucky.

I’ll enjoy every second I spend with Ric and have a million stories to tell. We have a lot of hugs and kisses to make up for ;) can’t wait to hear how you managed without me ;) can’t wait to see you at the airport: D

My beautiful mum, handsome father and shockin’ little brother and I will have many stories to exchange, we will bore each other to death. But, I’m hope you can see a change in me when I get home, I aim to be more independent, organised, helpful and more grateful. I hope your two weeks in Vietnam without me after Christmas is worth it ;)

PS: I hope you are remembering to feed my Bonsai tree! :-) xoxox

For me the trekking has not been the most challenging thing I’ve done here (having done harder in Australia) the homesickness was the most challenging part for me....(Ed. So far ;-))

there are just some things you just can’t train for.

Yours truly MJ ;)

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