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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Trek day 3 ....Couldn't think of a better title :-) - Day 22

Today we all got up at our usual 6.30am to take down our hammocks and pack our bags for another day of hiking. Cooking group 1 was responsible for organising our breakfast, a baguette with egg AGAIN!!!, and washing up afterwards. During our meal we were lucky enough to have the company of Nellie the elephant who would be carrying our food for the day.

After leaving our camp at around 8.15am, we hiked at a brisk pace for 4 hours, where we arrived at our campsite. For around an hour, we lazed around and set up our hammocks before a lunch of fried rice, set up and served by cooking group 2. Following lunch, we swam in the deep lagoon, cleaning ourselves and our clothes. Relaxing for the rest of the afternoon, we had a dinner of noodles (courtesy of group 3) (Ed. I wasn’t impressed with this evening meal and went to bed hungry and in a huff :-)) just after sunset. After talking around the campfire and candles for a short while, everyone began to drift off to an early night’s sleep.

Written by Nathan Backer

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