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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Distress Then Relief (Day 7)

Today we all woke up once again to the lights turning on at 0500hrs. Music was on this time but no Johnny Cash but thanks to our completely straight leader we had woke up to some nice Bruno Mars... Yesterday we all woke up with ease and thought 5:30am isn’t that bad but this morning waking up again did not agree with our bodies. (Ed. Perhaps it’s all that work you’ve been doing ;-))

We were all ready by about 5:45am but still very tired. After a quick meeting we were all off for breakfast for some more chicken. We were all excited for another session of painting, with a minor issue, all the girls’ clothes were wet from the night before, and apparently they were even wetter than when they put them on the night before, silly girls :-) (Ed. Yeah Jayson perhaps its better to do the man thing lol.....see Quote of the day later in Blog) . So we all got in our painting gear and started on our 3 and a half hours of painting.

Zac, Patrick and Nathan thought it would be a great idea to sing ‘99 bottles of beer on the wall’, and then sing ’ I know a song that will get on your nerves’ then once again sing ‘99 bottles of beer on the wall’, luckily everyone decided to gang up on them with paint because we were sick of it once they got to about 34. I think when we all were pretty much sick of painting, well we got through it by 10:30am it was time for lunch and we decided after lunch we were going to take a nice long walk to the markets to get some nice refreshing coke instead of the horrible water here.

We all geared up. Got our hats, slopped some sunscreen on and prepared for a walk only to realise that a nice drink shop was right outside the gates. After Charlee having various amounts of bug throwing competitions with the locals, I think the 3 year olds had a better arm than Charlee did :S we walked back had a nice game of volley ball, some napped and others just sat around and talked. We are all loving this naptime idea and definitely thinking of about incorporating it into Australia, so just for all you guys at home it’s about 11:30 to 1 so keep that in mind ;-)(

So the plan was as yesterday a group would paint for another two hours and teach some kids English while the others painted for an hour and then visited the nursery and preschoolers, playing duck duck goose and the big bad wolf, obviously we picked the kids up and ran for them. But my group today was to teach the kids English, me Zac and Mikayla were all teaching the kids but by the looks of it and the spelling it looked like the kids should have been teaching Zac English. (Ed. I’m pleased Jayson has mentioned

After that we all played some basketball very very sweaty in this heat (Ed. Good jungle training ). By the time it was dinner we had some nice freshly cooked chicken and all the little girls were laughing at us, wasn’t quite sure but now I think it was my sweaty back and they were all picking on me (ED. Don’t worry parents I won’t let him get picked on too much hahahhahaha). Dinner is always fulfilling and the kind ladies are always nice, even if they are picking on us. After that we had played some more basketball by then I think the court would’ve grazed away about 1cm of skin. Also the wrestles with this one child, we had something ha-ha a little rivalry especially how his always beating me in blackjack.

Also out of context. There was a group of 19 girls going to Phnom Penh for a regular doctors check up, and it all went wrong, without realising until later that had left one of the kids behind, a young girl of 6 years and very shy.

After realising and going into Phnom Penh and finding the girl in the markets she made got home safely but unhappy. Luckily everyone is safe here and the orphanage has passed another happy and safe day which concludes. SMMC World Challenge blog for the day. (Ed. This was a very stressful day today for all concerned....John Tucker was up with us a 0500hrs to travel back to Phnom Penh to check the markets, bus stations and the hospital where they had taken the little girl originally. Fortunately one of the staff at the hospital had taken the girl in overnight and dropped her at the police station in the morning. When the girl returned to the orphanage she was still extremely upset but everyone here breathed a sigh of relief. In real terms if a child goes missing in Cambodia, especially if she is a fair skinned Vietnamese girl, one tends to jump to certain conclusions. I.e. She had been snatched and sold to a sex trafficker.

Jayson Irvin

Quote of the day: While sitting in a foot bath of Mum's Soda Crystals....Zac and Jayson profess "Its not gay to share a 'Man' bath with a fellow (male) challenger".....(Ed. They kept on repeating this for some reason lol)

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