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Saturday, 10 December 2011

What a ride! - Day 13

Up at 4.00am (very sleepy), picked up mini bus at 5.15am to main bus station, Straight onto main Bus.....4hours saw us at the transfer in Kanpong Cham and onto Ban Lung our base for the night. To say the journey was chaos is an understatement! All buses were over booked and on the last one by about 5 people!!! Now usually this would mean those 5 people would not be able to go Cambodia things are different...Solution resolved we’ll just bring plastic garden chairs on and clutter up the aisle and allow the extras to sit on them Hahahahaha.

The road today started well but at least 3 hours was spent on dirt roads....We like our Challengers shaken and not stirred!!! Total journey time 12 hours.

Upon our arrival in Ban Lung we met our agent for the trek starting tomorrow and had a quick meal. Then back to the hostel to pack our trekking bags :-).....Cant wait!

Sorry for the delay in getting some of the blogs out...the timing of things (ok shopping at the Night Markets) has took priority :-).

Written by Cliff (Ed. )

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