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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

First day of Trek Xe Pian National Park - Day 20

Hi Everyone....We're in Vientiane now ...we've had a bit of an epic journey since our last blog including an 18.5hr bus ride and Jane (teacher) having a really really bad case of D & V (poor thing)....but we're here and ensconced in our Hotel...more on that journey later to give you the low-down on our trek.

Today was the first day of our main trek. We were all a bit nervous of what to expect on our 5 and 6 hour days of walking but we all sucked it up and accepted the challenge! We arrived at a village(where there were like 8 massive Elephants) and met our 5 guides. Our guide’s names were Dolphin, Shy, Ki, Mr Day and Doe. Known to us as Dolphin, cutest guy ever, Smurf Guy, Mr Hot and Old guy.

We set off on our trek walking through a village until we came to a monstrous hill which of course we had to climb. It was the first challenge the team faced on the trek but we completed it with no sweat (Ed. not quite I seem to remember lol) ;) Dolphin our main guide who talked the most English stopped on top of the hill and talked to us about the history of Xe Pian National park and showed us the amazing view from the top of the hill we had climbed over looking rice fields and more jungle (Ed. Litttle did we know that was the last view we were to get for the next 5 days!!!). We then continued walking the rocky ground for about 4 hours until we came to our first campsite.

The campsite was set next to a nice little waterfall which was beautiful to swim and wash in. It was the team’s first time to set up our new hammock, but we worked together and did it in no time at all. Just before dinner the team sat down and discussed/reviewed all of our weaknesses (areas that needed developing) and Positive’s. This talk did us all the world of good because we finally realised we are a team in it together and we now we need to work together :-) Dinner was prepared for us and it was soooo good. After we had eaten dinner and washed the dishes everyone laid down and looked up at the stars. All in all it was a great first day of trekking and we were all so happy it was one down five more to go!!

My Personal reflection would be how much I take for granted at home compared to the children at the orphanage. I love seeing how excited and appreciative they are for every single bit of clothing or food they receive. I was given a ring by one of the older boys in the orphanage. He explained to me how important this ring was to him. I feel like the luckiest person to be the one he chose to give it to. It will remind me every time I look at it of this boy and what little he has but how much he appreciates what he does have.

Written By Charlee Cremerius :-)

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