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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The sun that never rose

23rd July

4am. That’s how early we had to get up on our penultimate day in Cambodia so that we would be at Angkor Wat by sunrise. As we made our way to the temple the clouds in the sky were becoming more and more prominent. After a much needed breakfast we stood prepared to watch the sunrise over the iconic landmark, but it never did. Due to the mass of dense cloud in the sky the sun wasn’t visible and the sky simply became slightly brighter. A huge disappointment after the incredibly early start. (Ed. but we were standing in front of one of the world’s most amazing religious buildings :-))

We then had the opportunity to look around the temple itself. Both the beautifully detailed architecture and the gorgeous views from the top of the building were something to admire and be amazed by. We then proceeded to visit two more temples Bayon and Ta Prohm. The first temple had large faces carved into the rock which were both amazing and a little bit creepy. You felt like you were being stared at the entire time. The last temple we visited was the one where tomb raider was shot. It was amazing with plants and roots of trees breaking through the rock making the temple even more mesmerising.

We then returned to the hostel and relaxed until the evening when we made our way to the night markets. We split off into groups to explore and some even went to see a Cambodian circus. The markets we so pretty with all the light shining and stalls selling beautiful clothes and gifts. Money was spent not only on memories of Cambodia for ourselves but gifts for those back home. Making the most of the time we had left in Cambodia, when we reached the hostel most stayed up to play cards or chat about our time in the country before getting some sleep before we left the next day.

Georgia Stratford

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