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Friday, 12 July 2013

A journey of a thousand miles starts with build up day.

Today was the day that we had all been waiting for (dun dun da!/ insert dramatic music of your choice). Some of the girls found it hard to say goodbye to family, but it was fair to say that we were all looking forward to the month ahead. We started the build up day by checking our kit to make sure that we were not missing any vital equipment..(cough.. Emily's socks.. cough). Then we discussed our plans for the trip and our fears and things that we were excited for. Finally we allocated positions of responsibility, including accountant, transport manager, food management etc. We ended the day with pizza for dinner, and are about to watch a film called Killing Fields, which is about the atrocities that the Cambodians were exposed to in the early 70's. Then we will head to bed for an early rise at 4am tomorrow!

(Ed. Nothing from me yet :-))

Georgia Willows

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  1. Sounds a great trip you are about to have, keep the BLOGS live.